How to Effortlessly Layer Your Jewelry

Petite G’s Dana Friedman walks us through how to wear one of spring and summer’s biggest trends without looking ridiculous.

Sure, most of us may not be leaving the house for tasks other than grocery shopping and sanity walks at the moment—but that doesn’t mean we can’t accessorize, darlings. Plus, jewelry is one of the few ways you can actually express your fashion aesthetic while on all of those Zoom calls, be they work meetings or Friday night Happy Hours with your best friends. 

Layering your jewelry is a huge trend for spring summer, so I called up Petite G Jeweler owner and jewelry stylist extraordinaire Dana Friedman to get some quick tips on how to pick and stack your pieces, and actually look like you know what you’re doing—even if you’re a necklace novice.

Here’s what she had to say:

Focus on the neck and the ears. 

Necklaces and myriad earrings and ear cuffs are where it’s at this season—though if you love to stack your rings or bracelets, by all means…feel free. 

As for the ears, multiple piercings are incredibly popular right now, as are ear cuffs. Did you know that most cuffs don’t even require an additional piercing? They just wrap around the rim of your ear. Petite G’s Instagram Stories highlights have a great tutorial on just how to perfectly curate your earring choices and now I’m ready to get four more piercings just so I can try some of them. 

Think in 3D.

“I always say, as in everything, decorate in 3D,” Friedman says. “So if you have a chain, you can do a couple chains and then throw in a bead to kind of lighten it up.” She says she was recently doing a consultation with a client (yes, that’s something Petite G can do via video!) who had a lot of heavy silver and gold pieces, but was lacking color—so try to add some to your look, especially as we move closer to summer. It will help give a lightness to your jewelry vibe.

Play with lengths and placement. 

Also, when you’re paying attention to dimension, think about the length of your necklaces too. A few shorter dainty chains can be balanced by a longer one that hangs lower on your chest. But adjusting with necklace length is an easy way into the trend if you’re not as comfortable mixing and matching pieces. Petite G can also add clasps to existing necklaces (or those you purchase) so you can adjust the length depending on the look you’re going for. 

Gold is back. 

Friedman says gold is definitely the look right now. So whether you need to buy some new pieces or bring some back into the rotation, now’s the time. 

Don’t be afraid to mix fine jewelry with less expensive pieces. 

“A lot of women own fine and fashion [pieces] and it’s good to mix both,” she says. “A lot of people think that they can’t do that.” Think of it as you would mixing prints and patterns with your clothing, it’s an unexpected way to bring a new energy to your look. 

I was also thrilled to hear Petite G still has a bustling business at the moment, so if you’re in the market for some new pieces, they are available by phone and email, will deliver, or you can pick up pieces curbside, as well. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, after all, and Petite G has a special promotion running where 10% of your final purchase will go toward providing meals for frontline workers in Indiana. 

Happy shopping—and layering!

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Abby Gardner is Indy Maven’s executive editor—and she hopes to one day layer her jewelry as effortelessly as Meghan Markle. 

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