5 Hot Jewelry Trends to Try This Winter

From personalized pinky rings to chain link accents, Petite G's Dana Friedman shares what pieces to wear this season—and how to style them.
Chain Links

With more than 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry, Dana Friedman, owner of Petite G Jewelers in the Meridian Kessler and Butler Tarkington neighborhoods, is an expert when it comes to accessories and knowing what’s on trend—and what will be.

Friedman specializes in unique and one-of-a-kind pieces at Petite G, including treasured estate finds, artisan designers, and edgy fashion picks. She considers jewelry to be the perfect mood booster for occasions ranging from dreary winter days to seasonal parties and virtual office meetings, and she advises to deck yourself in bangles and baubles this holiday season. “Get out those bracelets and put them on and let them make you feel good!” Friedman advises. “Go ahead and wear your jewelry around during the day, because it acts as a mental pick-me-up that can help to make you feel happier—even if you’re not leaving the house. If you’re celebrating the holidays at home, or even on a Zoom call this year, you can still wear your pretty sweater and put on your chandelier earrings,” she says.

With that idea in mind, here are Friedman’s picks for what’s trending in the jewelry arena this winter, and how to wear it.


Personalized jewelry is back in a big way, gracing everything from necklaces to rings and bracelets. “We are seeing a lot of script, single initial pieces,” Friedman says, “and also pinky rings with initials for women.” Nameplate necklaces are trending, too: “We made one as an example for the store. It has my wedding date with a diamond border, and with that, I wear another vertical dog tag with my initials in diamonds, and a black pave diamond initial for my husband.”


Spotted on the fall/winter runways of luxury brands like Bottega Veneta and Yves Saint Laurent, chain link details are red hot right now. The beauty of this trend is that you can dig deep into your jewelry box and unearth some chains you haven’t worn in ages, and experiment with them to create a chic, new statement look. “I am seeing people wearing Cuban links and multiple layers together, even flat herringbones from the ‘80s,” Friedman notes. “For example, you can wear a paperclip chain or Cuban link necklace coupled with a diamond Riviera necklace, finished with a herringbone chain,” she says.


It makes sense that sparkling green gems would trend at holiday time, but emeralds are the type of eye-catching stones that can be worked into your jewelry wardrobe any time of year. “Just a splash of emeralds are all you really need,” Friedman advises, adding, “At Petite G, we are showing them blended in with other jewelry.”


When it comes to jewelry this holiday season, more is definitely merrier. “Wear lots of it! Layer it up! It’s okay to wear all of your jewelry, and it’s definitely fashionable to mix metals,” Friedman explains.

Whether you want to create a signature “#neckmess” by layering several different types of necklaces together, or you prefer to pile multiple rings on one hand, the possibilities are endless. Don’t be shy with earrings, either: Friedman has been holding exclusive piercing parties at Petite G where an expert piercer will give a complimentary ear piercing—yes, even in the obscure places of the ear—with the purchase of an earring.


Tried-and-true pieces like diamond tennis bracelets and classic stud earrings have also seen a resurgence of popularity, and since they will never go out of style, it might be a good time to take advantage of holiday deals and upgrade your classics this season. “Upgrades are always good,” Friedman says, adding, “We have a lot of women self-purchasers, but a lot of men are also coming in and buying the classics and upgrading the diamonds of their significant others. The European vacations aren’t happening this year due to COVID-19, so the upgrades are!”

Stephanie Groves is a freelance writer in Indianapolis who just dug an old herringbone chain necklace out of her jewelry box.

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