Maven to Know: Emily Nichols

Emily Nichols is a “habit coach and podcast host” in Brownsburg that is passionate about self-care — and tacos.

Emily Nichols MAVEN TO KNOW

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photo of emily nichols wearing a white tank top with green pants and she is smiling with teeth in front of a garage
Emily Nichols

Emily Nichols is the host of Self Transformed — a podcast that she describes as “redefining self-care through simple fitness, nutrition, and mindset habit hacks for busy working moms.” From her own struggles, Emily found solutions to feeling empowered, confident, and living a healthy lifestyle, and she’s now on a mission to redefine self-care and equip other women with tools to help transform their lives. Emily is also a wife, #boymom, Certified Personal Trainer, Orangetheory Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, Whole30 Coach, and Taco Tuesday enthusiast. Over to you, Emily!

My Maven Superpower is … HABIT HACKING!

A fun fact about me is … I am married to my high school sweetheart (we’ve been together since we were 15).

photo of emily nichols in workout clothing jumping in front of a mint green barn
Emily Nichols

Best book I’ve read lately is …Speak” by Tunde Oyeneyin.

My first job was as a … Waitress at Steak ‘n Shake at age 14.


The skill I most want to learn is … YOGA!

My favorite nonprofit to support is … American Heart Association (my oldest son was born with a heart defect, so it’s close to my heart.)

Self-care habit I swear by is … Get outside and move!

The best career advice I can offer is … Learn to say no when it’s not a hell yes, but curious about others, and always be willing to help other women along your path.

Favorite purchase lately is … I love drinking Athletic Greens every day to start my day.

I feel most confident when … My self-care is on point.

My favorite local restaurant dish is … Anything Mexican.

The thing I’ve been binging lately is … I just binged Selling Sunset.

A Maven you should know is … Kait Baumgartner from Indianapolis Moms — she has grown an amazing community and provides so many great resources to Indy moms.

My favorite coworker so far has been … Well, I’d have to say my two yellow labs (kinda kidding, kinda not!). I work from home, and they are the best coworkers. The best coworkers I had in the corporate world led by example not only at work, but also in how they balanced work and family.

photo of emily Nichols hosting her podcast, "Self Transformed"
Emily Nichols

The thing I’ve achieved lately that I’d like to celebrate with the Maven community is … Two things: Over 125K downloads for the Self Transformed Podcast and celebrating my one-year anniversary of coaching at Orangetheory. I set out to become a coach there two years ago and made it happen (after some patience and prayer).

I launched my podcast because … I felt a calling in my heart for over a year to launch the show, but imposter syndrome delayed the launch for a year. The best thing I ever did was hire someone to help me launch my show and then a business coach and investments in other coaches and programs since then to grow the show and make a bigger impact. Plus, a podcast is  so fun because you can show up however you’d like (it’s just audio!) and you get to chat with amazing folks and connect and collaborate with others you may have never met.

What’s next for me is … My goal is to continue to grow the Self Transformed Podcast to reach and impact more women to feel empowered to take care of ourselves through my programs and tools that already exist and ones that are yet to be created (there are many useful tools coming from the Self Transformed brand in the fall of 2022). It’s in our nature to put everyone else first — but most times they aren’t getting the best of us because we’re pouring from a very empty cup. I want women to know that through some intentional habit strategy, you can make self-care and your health a priority and not just survive, but thrive in life!

I also have a couple of personal fitness goals including my Yoga certification and auditioning to become a Virtual Instructor for HOTWORX in 2023. The sky is the limit — I’d love to host in-person retreats, travel more myself with family and friends, and continue to thrive myself.

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