Maven to Know: Gabby Love

This DJ, curator, and entertainer has spun tunes for Michelle Obama and has a hot new radio show. Oh, and she's Indy Maven's very own Spinderella. 
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Gabby Love, DJ, Curator, Entertainer

Personal life: Gabby and her husband (and fellow DJ), Ron Miner, live with four fur babies in Broad Ripple. For their weeklong Jamaican wedding celebration in 2015, they “hired” 13 DJs—well, actually they were all close friends. Their “first song” was “Adore” by Prince.

Maven superpower: Curating/mixing to create the perfect environment at any event. 

In 2018, DJ Gabby Love set the soundtrack on stage for Michelle Obama’s talk in Indy, even choosing her walk-on and walk-off songs: “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Kahn and “Lady” by The Commodores. She plays at clubs and parties in Indiana and all over the globe, and just took over the Weekend Mix, 5 to 6 p.m. Fridays on RadioNOW 100.9.

Q. What song makes you want to dance, no matter what?

Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle” is my JAM! It’s a dream of mine to perform the entire dance routine from the video.

Q. Favorite local event to DJ?

Our 12 DJs of Xmas event is such a blast. I love preparing sets for them.

Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle” is my JAM!

Q. Are the days of requesting DJs to play songs over? Should they be? 

Oh, I think those days should have never been a thing. People need to get out of their comfort zones and trust the DJ. Sometimes a request is a blessing, if that person is in tune (no pun intended) with what the DJ is playing. I welcome those instances. So yes, just let me do my job without being bothered, kindly.

Q. What local musicians or DJs should we be paying attention to right now?

Manon Voice, Amerikkan, Heaven Honey, Radar Gold, Parris Ladame, Wife Patrol. All MUST follows.

Q. Who’s a great woman DJ out there that you admire?

Noncompliant, aka Lisa Ess, is on fire right now on a global level. She’s locally based and I met her at one of my very first gigs.

Q. Three things you can’t live without?

Horses, compassion, music.

Follow Gabby on Instagram @djgabbylove and see all her upcoming dates here

Photo: Faith Blackwell

Amanda Kingsbury is a co-founder of Indy Maven and this week she perplexing-ly downloaded “The Look of Love” by ABC.” 

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