Inside the Mind of a Maven: January Edition

We're picking the brains of Indy Mavens with a new question each month to help us all get to know each other better.
Mind of a Maven

We have a new monthly feature: Mind of a Maven! Each month, we’re asking Indy Mavens a question to pick their brains and get to know our community a little better.

This sounded like an appropriate one to kick off 2021: Where’s the first place you want to travel post-pandemic? 

“We had to cancel two weeks in Scotland and Ireland this past fall, so that’s still on our list!” -Sarah M.B.

“My sister-in-law lives in Barcelona and I am so looking forward to when I can fly out and visit her!”  –Rachel H. 

“In this particular order…

  1. Detroit: family and friends.
  2. Key West: with husband for a weekend getaway together.
  3. England: family, friends, and well, England.
  4. Any island on the other side of the world in one of those little huts over the water.”

-Leslie B

“Gosh…I absolutely LOVE traveling. And I felt like up until March 2020, we were always actively planning a trip. But for our first post-quarantine/post-COVID trip, I just want to go somewhere warm with a spa — I feel like my ideal trip has changed over the years. Simple pleasures!” -Maria T.B.

“We’ve had to move our Jamacia vacation several times. It will be a year in April, wow. I missed going to Chicago for Christmas this year. I’d love to go to California with Mr. D. I really want to go to NYC, never been.” – Stephanie E.D.

“I am sooo dreaming of returning to Italy! Specifically, Amalfi, Sicily, and Cinque Terre. Maybe a college graduation trip? A gal can hope! Lol.” -Meghan S.

“Greece has always been No. 1 on my ‘if only’ bucket list. I’m vowing to find a way to make it happen no matter what as soon as it’s safe!!” -Kylie S. 

“NYC, LA, London, Paris, a beach in the Caribbean. Honestly… anywhere lol!!!” -Abby G. 

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