Maven to Know: Tiffany Benedict Browne

If you've never met Tiffany Benedict Browne, you're in for a treat. Not only the best dressed person in the room, this vintage-wearing Maven is also the brains behind Historic Indianapolis.
A photo of Tiffany Benedict Browne

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Tiffany Benedict Browne is an Indianapolis aficionado with a love of vintage. As the founder of Historic Indianapolis, a free online media channel that connects readers with other pieces of the citys past, shes passionate about all things Indy. Her blog also doubles as a way to ignite interest, create conversations, and spark action about and in Indianapolis.” When shes not exploring the Circle City, she and her husband are usually out traveling the world — while being mindful of COVID, of course. 

We chatted with Benedict Browne and learned more about her best vintage find, where she buys some of her more bold style pieces, and her current podcast obsession. Take it away, Tiffany…

My Maven Superpower is … finding connection in everything. 

I started Historic Indianapolis … when I became the neighborhood historian in Herron-Morton very soon after moving there. I didnt know anybody, so I started researching my house, and then other houses in the neighborhood and the city. I started collecting Indianapolis-related things, and then at one point I just thought, Id love to learn more about this city that I dont really know much about.” So, this was a really fun way to do it. 

My style inspiration is … Barbie. I loved Barbies when I was a little girl. My favorite thing to do was put together outfits. 

Favorite place to buy my bold outfit pieces … is from a friend of mine in Russia, named Valentina. She makes my necklaces. They are just little works of art. 


Best vintage find Ive ever found is … a piece I found at Midland Arts and Antiques a long time ago. It was an affordable World War II-era dress and a really fun novelty print. Im a bigger girl, Im 5 feet 9 inches tall, so Im not a small girl in any way. Its always harder for me to find larger size vintage items that are affordable. 

Something that people are surprised to learn about me is … that I have a quiet side. Im pretty much an open book, and am usually very boisterous. 

My wardrobe staples are … bright, bold colors. Also, every time I wear one of Valentinas necklaces I feel beautiful — they are just such a work of art.

Im pretty much an open book, and am usually very boisterous. 

Best thing to do in Indianapolis on the weekends is … going out on our bikes. My husband and I love just wandering anywhere around town when the weather is cooperative. If Ive been researching something, well go check it out, too. My husband is an architect, so hes very familiar with the architecture of the city as well. We really just love driving around any of the streets that have history to them, and even some that dont. 

I find my fun signature hats from … a milliner in New York, she goes by the name Cha Cha. I found her on Instagram. Most recently, Ive been obsessed with some hats I got from a milliner in England, who is a doctor by day and milliner by night. I think thats pretty awesome. I love meeting interesting women like that. 

My favorite restaurant dish in Indy is … at Tinker Street, the Pad Thai made with zoodles (zucchini noodles), and I add shrimp. Soooo good! 

The podcast Ive been binging is … all three seasons of Gangster Capitalism.

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