Inside the Mind of a Maven: November Edition

We're picking the brains of Indy Mavens with a new question each month to help us all get to know each other better.
Mind of a Maven

We have a new monthly feature: Mind of a Maven! Each month, we’re asking Indy Mavens a question to pick their brains and get to know our community a little better.

First up: If you could totally redo your career and study something else, what would it be?

“World history or psychology…maybe both.” —Gabrielle Love

“I would’ve taken more art classes but the biz classes do come in handy. Would’ve done what I’m doing sooner.” —Faith Blackwell

“I would want to live on a tropical island renting surfboards or taking people on boat excursions. Sun and sand all year long please!” —Rachel Hickey

“I would have studied interior design instead of journalism/advertising/PR.” —Laurren Darr

“I would have went to cosmetology school!” —Rachel Huffman

“I would be doing what I’m doing now, but I might have taken the psychology route instead of so much marketing. I gotta tell ya, though…all of that marketing experience comes in real handy when you start your own coaching business.” —Angela Hurley Jorden

“In another life, I think I might’ve enjoyed culinary school. Actually, I still would but I’m too scared of cutting and burning myself.” —Leslie Bailey

“Attorney working on behalf of animal protection/rights.” —Amanda Kingsbury

“I always wanted to be a commentator on ESPN.” —Stephanie Eppich Daily

“I did totally redo my career a couple of years ago! It started with one yoga teacher training and has turned into a career in wellness and fitness! But if I had to start all the way over and done something different when I was younger, I would have gone to law school. I believe I’d have a lot more to contribute to my social justice activism with a law degree.” —Erin Polley

I’ve always wished I had gone back to school to get a master’s in psychology and become a therapist. I’ve looked into it, but didn’t want to deal with the student loans at this point. However, I became a yoga instructor and it really helps me fill that space where I can use psychology and philosophy to help others. And secretly, if I’d have had things together a lot younger than I did, I think I would have enjoyed a career in the FBI or CIA.” Katie Carlson

“If I could talk to my younger self, I would tell her to go after that PhD and find an institution that will give me a teacher stipend or something. I would tell her she would be okay.” —Rebecca Huehls

“I would have taken more studio arts classes. Specifically, more ceramics, woodworking, and metal classes. I want to learn to weld.” Amanda Mauer Taflinger

“I wish I could’ve found something that paid me for a natural gift that I have which is unusual powers of observation, highly intuitive instincts, and a mind that can only do deductive reasoning.” Elizabeth Kraft Taylor

“I would have studied environmental sciences to become a nature photographer/field researcher.” Sherri Roizen

“Psychology.” Kristen Cooper

“Women’s health/nutrition.” Kacie Nicole

“Sports medicine/orthopedic surgery…or entertainment law.” Abby Gardner

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