Dear Maven…You’re Amazing

Do you know a woman that has changed your life? It's time to let her know! Pick up a pen and send it with love.
Dear Maven

When is the last time you sent a card to a friend? Not a thank you note or an invitation, but a “just because” card?

During the month of February we’ve been talking about healthy relationships, and we think it’s the perfect opportunity to tell your friends just how special they are to you. Do you know a woman that has changed your life? Let her know!

Not sure where to start? Take a look at these Mavens who wrote letters to influential women in their lives:

We’ve created these four postcards for you to use to send some snail mail to your BFF. Grab your pen, and let an influential woman in your life know you’re grateful for her presence. Sending a card is great—and receiving one could make a Maven’s day. #SendItWithLove


I'm the captain of team you
You make me a better person. And you're a bad bitch.
Wings | Wind


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