Signs You or Someone You Know Is Suffering from Financial Abuse

It’s way more common than you think.
A man holding a dollar bill

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and there are a number of campaigns currently going on to raise awareness, start conversations, and help to erase the stigma of this kind of abuse that affects one in four women, regardless of things like race or socioeconomic status. But did you know that it’s estimated (according to Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse project) that 99% of intimate partner violence cases involve some form of financial abuse?

Given those numbers, it’s time we all take a stand to learn more about the issue. 

“…99% of domestic violence cases involve some form of financial abuse.”

Domestic violence (know also known as intimate partner violence) is often an isolating and private situation for the victim, but the signs of financial abuse are even more hidden. However, they are often the reason that women are not able to remove themselves safely from an abusive situation. If someone has ruined your credit or controls your checking account, how can you rent a new apartment? 

They include:

  • Restricting spending on even the smallest of household items and expenses
  • Stealing money or using credit and ATM cards without permission
  • Preventing access to joint accounts or a personal checking account
  • Sabotaging employment and education opportunities
  • Excluded from financial planning
  • Causing debt

If you or someone you know is in a potentially financially abusive situation, there are resources out there to help. Check out the Purple Purse website or you can always call the National Domestic Violence hotline

For more information and resources on intimate partner violence in the state of Indiana, contact Domestic Violence Network, Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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