Things You Should Add to Your Spring Cleaning List According to a Plumber

Expert Advice from Hope Plumbing for Spring Home Maintenance
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As spring arrives, it’s time to ensure your home is ready for the new season. Among the various tasks on your checklist, plumbing maintenance is often overlooked but crucial for a smoothly functioning household. We asked Sarah Carlson, a plumber at Hope Plumbing, to give us the scoop on essential items homeowners should include in their spring home maintenance routine.

“When it comes to spring home maintenance, one aspect that often gets neglected is plumbing,” Sarah said. Here are the key areas she recommends to focus on.

Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink

Sarah suggests starting in the kitchen, focusing on faucet maintenance. “Sediment buildup is a common issue, particularly in areas with hard water,” she explains. Her recommendation? A simple yet effective method involving vinegar. “Fill a bag with vinegar, tie it to the faucet, and let it sit for a few hours. This helps loosen up debris, ensuring better water flow.”


Next, Sarah recommends checking the food filter in your dishwasher. “A lot of people do not know this even exists, but it is full of food, full of gunk, and if you clean it out regularly and maintain it, your dishwasher will have a longer life expectancy and cleaner, too,” she said.

Bathroom tubBathroom Faucets and Drains

Moving to the bathroom, Sarah advises testing all faucets simultaneously to check for any obstructions or hair clogs in the drains. This step ensures proper drainage and prevents potential blockages.

Sump Pump (If you have one)

Sarah emphasizes the importance of a functional sump pump in the basement.“The sump pump is going to be the lowest point that removes groundwater from your home. If you don’t have a sump pump and you need one, your basement will flood,” she said. Regular testing by pouring water into the sump pump pit ensures it operates efficiently.

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