Thinking about heading back to school? Butler University offers a top notch MBA program

As business schools see more women join their MBA programs, we spoke with two incredible female Butler students about their experiences.
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In a recent study, Forbes stated that at the CEO level, men outnumber women by almost 17 to one. As more women work to take their careers to the next level to close that gap, a growing number are doing so by pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA). We know that within our Maven community, we have creatives, entrepreneurs, and women making waves in numerous industries and one local university is making it easier than ever. 

Butler University proudly offers a flexible online and on-campus MBA program that can fit into a hectic schedule and is taught by some of the best and brightest in the industry. We recently had the chance to talk to two students about their experiences before, during, and after the program.

Meg Biallas wearing a blue dress and statement necklace smiling at the camera in the Butler's Lacy School of Business building.
Image courtesy of Meg Baillas

Meg Biallas, Current MBA Student

Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Child Care Aware of America and president of the Butler MBA Association.

How has being in the Butler MBA program impacted your career so far? 

With my background working on family-supportive policies and childcare issues, I’m passionate about seeing women being able to thrive in the workplace. I recently spoke with two female colleagues who were seeking advice on how to negotiate salary. It was empowering to talk transparently, as women, about how to navigate those conversations in the workplace. I credit the Butler MBA program with giving me the tools to push myself—and others—to succeed.”

What led you to apply for the Butler MBA program?

“I completed my bachelor’s degree in journalism at Butler University and promptly moved to Washington, D.C., where I lived for over a decade. During that time, I was able to gain a range of experiences working in marketing for various health- and youth-focused nonprofits. 

At the start of COVID, I moved back to Indianapolis—in my heart, a place I always hoped I’d return to eventually. I was working remotely for a small nonprofit where I had a lot of oversight. I managed several direct reports, oversaw a budget, and built out multi-year marketing strategies. It was around this time I was itching to get back into the classroom so I could better understand the principles behind the work I was doing. For example, I wanted to understand different leadership styles so I could know how to better lead a team. I also wanted to understand the principles of accounting so I could better manage department resources. 

That’s when I knew the time was right to go back to school and start the next chapter in my professional career. I chose Butler because it felt like coming home, but also because I knew the experience would be world-class.” 

Why should prospective students pursue the Butler MBA program?

“Consider the Butler MBA because you have something unique to offer. Don’t be intimidated by going back to school, and don’t assume everyone else has it all figured out! Grad school is a great place to learn and connect with other curious people. The business program draws students from so many professions; it’s been so valuable to learn from my peers in the health, tech, and retail sectors.”

What are you hoping to do once you complete your MBA?

“I have viewed the MBA program as an opportunity to lay the foundation for the next phase of my career. There are, of course, critical hard skills that will serve me well. But I also think the soft skills, and the various extracurriculars of the program, are already helping me find my place in Indianapolis. With my background in nonprofits, I hope to serve on the nonprofit board where I can bring my unique business skills to support a cause in Indianapolis that I’m passionate about. 

Long term, I see myself in a leadership role where I can, like the Butler MBA faculty, cultivate the potential in my colleagues, helping them bring their best selves to the work at hand.” 

What is your favorite thing about the Butler community?

“Everyone—faculty, alumni, staff, and students—is willing to lend a hand. It’s one thing to graduate with an MBA. It’s quite another to complete the MBA program with an entire professional network at your fingertips.”

Aishariya B. Alvarez wearing a black dress and graduation cap smiling at the camera in Butler's business building
Image courtesy of Aishariya B. Alvarez

Aishariya B. Alvarez, May 2022 Graduate

Marketing Manager, E-Commerce & Acquisition at Roche

What made you decide to pursue your MBA? 

“The idea of going back to school to pursue a master’s degree can be daunting, but for me, pursuing an MBA while working full-time did not feel like two different tasks; rather, a continuous flow of education and real-world experiences. I was able to share examples from my work in class, apply class concepts to my work, all while learning from my peers who come from diverse backgrounds.” 

What stood out to you specifically about Butler’s MBA program?  

“The genuine care that the administration, faculty, and student association demonstrate. The faculty advisors offer dedicated and personal guidance throughout the entirety of the program. The director makes an effort to know every student individually and always seeks their feedback. The leadership coaches are there for your individual development needs and go above and beyond to offer exclusive programming to further your skills. And the program coordinators work tirelessly to ensure that every student has the resources they need to succeed in the program.” 

Any tips for success? 

“If you take the time to connect, you will form meaningful relationships that you can carry with you even beyond your time in the program. The Butler MBA and all it offers is invaluable, and at the end of the day, worth it.”


The idea of returning to school can be intimidating, maybe even scary, and a big commitment, but it’s never too late to chase a dream and invest in yourself. We believe in you, maven!

Learn more about the Butler MBA Program. 


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