What’s Saving My Life Right Now

Read on to discover what's currently saving Indy Maven CEO Leslie Bailey's life.
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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Kendra Adachi aka The Lazy Genius. I reference her in speaking presentations. In conversations with friends. In “how to do life” conversations with my husband. Kendra occasionally talks about that thing where you don’t know a person, but you have zero doubt in your soul that if you did, you would totally be great friends. I have that with her—which feels very meta. (Is that how you use that?) 

Anyway, one of my favorite pieces of her content is “What’s Saving My Life Right Now,” a phrase coined by Barbara Brown Taylor—whom Kendra is always great about giving credit to because she’s cool like that (omg, Leslie, stop embarrassing yourself). And since February historically tends to be a bad month for me mentally, as it is for so many, I thought I’d share this list in case you can benefit from it, too. 

1. Zoloft

This time of year, I’m especially thankful for the low dose of Zoloft I take daily. I’m certain it has literally saved my life once or twice. There’s no shame in having an antidepressant game, friends.

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2. My Apple Watch

Last fall, I took a tiny plunge and bought a refurbished Apple Watch for the sole purpose of moving my body more, and I’m pleased to report it works! For someone like me who is motivated by ‘getting things done’- getting that reward that I’ve closed all my Circles is incredibly gratifying. 

3. Peloton

The key to the above is *actually* moving your body and since purchasing a Peloton several years ago this is the first time I’m taking advantage of all it has to offer. Scenic rides through Europe? Count me in. Self-care challenge? I’m signed up. Give me all the workouts to keep my little squirrel brain entertained.

4. Sir Kensington’s Chile Lime Cream Everything Sauce

I’m not a huge spice person, but I love a Mexican-inspired tangy cream sauce, so this is perfection. I particularly love it drizzled on a bowl of pretty much any kind. Speaking of…

5. Bowls of pretty much any kind

Though I love cooking, when my energy goes low, I find it difficult to get excited. My solution is a bowl. A recent favorite is this Mediterranean Turkey Bowl recipe from Budget Bytes served with Trader Joe’s kibbeh done in the air fryer. DELISH.

Photo credit: Budget Bytes

6. Sedona

My best childhood friend and I are going to Sedona to celebrate our 40th birthdays together at the end of the month. And, though I’m not even there yet as I write this, I’m positive it’s just what I needed.

7. Puzzles

One of my goals this year is to spend more time doing things I enjoy that are A) just for me, B) not related to business, and C) something that is purely done for joy. Thanks to the folks at locally-owned TF Publishing for recently gifting me one!

Photo by TF Publishing

8. Indianapolis Public Library

Another one of my goals this year is to read more—40 books to be exact—and I’ve been on fire since starting to frequent the library. Yes, I’m another cliche millennial ‘rediscovering’ the library. You can find my list on Goodreads.

9. AF Beverages

This year, I decided to try more of a “damp” than “dry” January and sampled many a NA beverage. My favorites are Busty Lush “She’s Lavish” lavender margarita and Sovi’s Sparkling Rosé (both available at Maven Space by way of our awesome friends at Loren’s AF).

10. My digital calendar

Specifically tips from Kelly Nolan on how to best utilize it. By tracking things that I didn’t use to (ie, drive times, getting ready for the day, workouts), I can see how much time I *actually* have available and am far more realistic about what I can get done in a day.

So there you have it. Ten things that are literally and metaphorically saving my life right now. What’s saving yours? 

Leslie Bailey is the co-founder and CEO of Indy Maven and Maven Space. Follow her on Instagram, LinkedIn, and of course, Goodreads.

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