Maven at the Mic

We're so happy to have photographer and Indy Maven editorial board member Faith Blackwell take over our Instagram handle as part of the #SharetheMic movement to elevate Black voices.
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When Katie Couric turned over her Instagram account to Eunique Jones Gibson, a Black photographer, on June 10, as part of the national #ShareTheMicNow campaign, her post said, “When the world listens to women, it listens to white women.” Now, the Indy version of that campaign, led by the Women’s Fund of Indianapolis, will come to Indy on Friday, Aug. 28. More than 10 women or women’s organizations, including Indy Maven, will share the mic that day to magnify the important work that Black women are doing to lead the conversation about racial injustice and catalyze change. 

Indy Maven is proud to hand over its Instagram to Indy Maven editorial board member and photographer Faith Blackwell, and Maven co-founder Amanda Kingsbury is excited to turn over her Facebook page to Rebecca Robinson, the owner of PSNOB fashion design company and one of the artists who helped create Indy’s beautiful Black Lives Matter mural on Indiana Avenue.

OK, so none of us is even remotely as famous or influential as Katie Couric, or Senator Elizabeth Warren, or Hilary Swank, or any of the 46 women who turned over their accounts to Black activists and stars on June 10, but we know that change can only start when we begin to hear each other’s voices and listen to each other’s stories. Want to recreate this action in your own space? Use #KeepSharingtheMic. And follow the Indianapolis Black women taking over these feeds on Aug. 28, to make sure you see some new faces and hear some new voices now and every day.


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