5 Women-Owned Catering Companies in Indy You Need to Know

Don’t feel like cooking? Here are five fantastic women-owned catering companies in Indianapolis that can help.
table set for a festive feast with candles and greenery

In need of some holiday catering? We have just the companies that can help you. Whether you need a home cooked meal, a delicious cheesecake for dessert, or a cooking class to learn how to cook for a big group, we’ve got it covered with these women-owned catering companies.  

Fork & Function 

Sarah Showalter and Nakia Miller are the dynamic duo behind Fork & Function. The company specializes in catering and creating one-of-a-kind events with delicious food and stunning décor, whether your party is a casual gathering or a blowout bash. They also offer freshly made meals for delivery or pickup. 

The cheesecake lady

Indy Native, wife, and mother of four, Cassie Smith-Johnson, is known for her delectable variety of cheesecakes ranging in flavor from peach cobbler to cinnamon roll. She also offers options like cupcakes and charcuterie boards. Whether you need a sweet dessert to finish off the night or a catered event for a family get-together, Cassie is up to the challenge 

Marsha’s Specialty Desserts & Tierney’s Catering

With over 30 years of baking and cooking experience, this family-owned business has catered a variety of events from Super Bowl shindigs to outdoor markets and social gatherings. With food ranging from cupcakes and cake pops to salads and vegetables, you are sure to find the perfect menu that all your guests will love. 

Plate It Up! Catering

Whether Felicia Grady is being named “Chef of the Year” by the American Culinary Association or working on her TV show called “Cooking Something Up,” she is always putting her best foot forward to make sure you receive the most wow-worthy food and experience possible. Felicia offers a variety of services from catering to cooking classes to team-building workshops. With over 20 years of experience, if you work with Felicia, you will be enjoying food from the best of the best.    

Purely Joy LLC

Karyn Joy Landers love for cooking started at a young age, when she would help her mom in the kitchen. Karyn has been able to transform that love to help others by developing a company that provides easy and convenient home-cooked meals. The options to pick from change every week and can range from Cajun-inspired or American cuisine to Thanksgiving dinner. With her focus on perspective, improvement, stewardship, and integrity, you can bet that you are going to be eating food that gives you the warm feeling that accompanies a delicious, homecooked meal. 

Kiley Chandler is currently a student at Butler University. She is double majoring in Strategic Communications and Organizational Communication and Leadership.  

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