Your body is talking to you… Are you listening?

Your body is your personal feedback system, giving you numerous clues on connecting to your ever-present inner-most map. Are you listening?

“It is through your body that your soul becomes visible and real for you.”

 John O’Donoghue, Anam Cara: The Book of Celtic Wisdom

You can never be lost. You have a wonderful internal map inside your body that works alongside a strong guiding force to navigate your life. Your body is your personal feedback system, giving you numerous clues on connecting to your ever-present inner-most map. This somatic map is the universal language of our spirit spoken through our bodies. To discover our map, we must be willing to pay attention to our bodies and feelings and not live solely in our heads and our thoughts.

What messages does your body send?

Balanced Soul logoThe messages your body sends you can offer a range of practical information leading to harmony and healing – if we listen. Slowing down and paying attention to our body’s sensations and reactions. Being curious about “cause and effect and listening to how our body conveys what we truly feel about a situation, for example, the tension headache that shows up right after we say YES to a board position when we already feel overwhelmed. Or the upset stomach bubbling up as we hang up the phone, not speaking our truth. The sore jaw upon waking from a sleepless night ruminating about a conflict with a co-worker. Many great masters, healers, and visionaries have said, “Know Thyself.” When you have an internal awareness, you are more in tune with personal choices, and when you have a choice, you have the freedom to access and choose well-being.

We can visualize our body’s internal map and messages by slowing down. Creating space for daily meditation, practicing guided meditation body scans. Keeping a journal of clues by writing down how we feel physically and reflecting on what life situation recently occurred. Use your journal to write down what your body is communicating to you. Use your imagination to let each body part that is getting your attention (pain, stiffness, numbness, fatigue, itching, etc.) have its own voice.

For example, Acid Indigestion. I have an upset stomach. When I tune in to my stomach, it is saying…… Words from my stomach: “You were stressed last night about an argument with your sister. You emotionally ate and drank after the argument because you were angry. You drank too much wine and ate too many chips too. You have issues you repress that need to be discussed with your sister, and you can’t because you can’t stomach the conflict.”

When you start to interpret the language of your body, you begin to learn how to heal yourself and release negative beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck. When we connect to the wisdom of our body, we learn to use our intuition. Open our hearts to experience more joy, compassion, clarity, and relaxation. This is not about listening to others but discovering your own answers. Tuning into yourself is not something you do a few times a year: it is a way of life.

Body Mapping – What is it?

If you want to go deeper in your communication with your body, consider Intuitive Body Map Coaching at Balanced Soul. This original technique maps out and designs an individual’s energetic self. During an Intuitive Body Mapping session, we spend 90 minutes chronicling the client’s body’s energetic, emotional, and physical self and creating an intuitive, personalized well-being plan. The technique combines personalized wellness coaching, Reiki, BioMat infrared therapy, active dream coaching, and energy medicine.

The Intuitive Body Map experience begins with coaching on a specific topic on which the client wants clarity and balance. Then, a well-being wheel template is filled out, giving a quick picture of the client’s lifestyle and behaviors. The client is then coached to design an intention around the initial topic, and this intention is then used during the Reiki portion of the session. The client is then invited to rest on an infrared BioMat and listen to a meditation while we prepare a 3-page body template. This template includes an energetic drawing of the body and two additional pages of information and homework suggested for the client to complete before the next coaching session.

Once you learn to read your internal map, you will experience fantastic benefits that help expand your awareness, along with experiencing your healing SELF. The body is an amazing gift. Take time to listen to its wisdom.

Are you ready to discover your body’s unique map?

Jennifer Foley has worked in the health and wellness field for more than 30 years, meeting the needs of adolescents, preteens, and adults in the Indianapolis area. Her love of knowledge relating to healing led her to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Health Communication and a master’s degree in health promotion-disease prevention, and has advanced training as a Holistic Practitioner, a Certified Wellness Program Coordinator, a Mayo Clinic Tobacco Treatment Specialist, and is also trained as an End-of-Life Doula and Usui Reiki Master. She enjoys helping people find their balance as an integrative well-being coach in private practice. Services she offers include Body Map Coaching, BioMat Infrared Therapy, Active Dream Coaching, Reiki, and Integrated Smoking Cessation. Learn more at

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