5 Things You Need to Know Before Embarking on a Renovation

There’s more to tend to than just your budget when it comes to renovations.

When CEO and co-founder Leslie Bailey needed a bathroom reno, she called up Keianna Rae Harrison-Williams of HER Home Design, and they got to work. Indy Maven checked in with both of them on demo day and asked Keianna how best to prep for a renovation. Her list is all-encompassing. She is tending to our budgetary needs, yes, but she’s also tending to our well-being. That is just the Maven-like attitude we seek to cultivate here. Grab a pencil and pad, and watch our interview for all her tips.


1. Have a healthy budget for your project; then, set aside an additional 15-20% for “contingency.” Because we can’t see behind the walls or under the floors until we open them, we don’t know what we don’t know. There can always be something unknown that pops up in the construction process and you want to be prepared for that to happen.

2. Schedule extra therapy sessions for you and your family. This could be traditional therapy or well-planned family excursions away from the home during the project. You’ll want to create space for happy family moments during any renovation.

3. Create a well-thought-out plan for how you will live during the construction. Include a plan for pets! Practice living without the space you’re renovating for a couple of weeks prior to the renovation.

4. Be realistic about the timeline. NOTHING in 2023 takes the same amount of time as it did before 2020. The construction industry is still creating its “new normal” for construction timelines. This is due to drastic changes in the labor market and the building materials industry. Avoid planning renovations that lead into holidays or special family events

5. Be kind to yourself and to others! Remember emotions run very high during a home remodeling project. Strangers are in your space. Things are a mess. Families and pets are edgier than normal. Allow yourself and your construction team some grace during the process. Communicate effectively and keep a cool head.

Created in partnership with HER Home Design.

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