6 Local Home Organizers to Get Your Home in Check

Simplify your life and clear the clutter with one of these amazing Indianapolis area women-owned home-organizing businesses.
Bamboo drawer organizers in a kitchen drawer with silverware

Overwhelmed? Disorganized? Out of control? Let’s take a stand, Mavens, and not let clutter run our homes any longer! We searched the internet for the best local home organizers to take any space, big or small, to the next level. Let’s make sure to take care of ourselves this summer, both outside and inside the home, by hiring one of these local women-owned businesses.

Plan and Place Co. 

If you need someone to tackle your kid’s especially chaotic rooms and play areas, Plan and Place Co. is the way to go. Kayla Lang has more than six years of nannying experience and a black belt in organizing kids’ rooms while giving them techniques and tricks to keep them clean. And we thought it was impossible! Kayla isn’t just for the kids’ spaces, though. She’s helped many clients declutter their kitchens, offices, and closets. She’s even had clients say she’s saved their marriage due to a decluttered home being more of a burden than they thought. 

Her current favorite product? Anything Bright Room from Target.

Simply put organizing

Before starting Simply Put Organizing, Tiffany Smith would organize people’s homes, offices, and apartments for free. Her services include a virtual consultation before every organizing job, so she knows exactly what you want as a client and has a plan set when she gets there. She understands how easy it is to close the door on an unorganized mess, but by opening your door to Tiffany this summer, you can regain control of your home.

Her current favorite product? Bamboo Drawer Dividers from Amazon, Bamboo Drawer Organizers from Target, and Bamboo Drawer Organizers from SpaceAid.

The Baer Minimalist 

Have you ever started a decluttering project, and suddenly, laundry, lunch, and dishes started calling your name? Enter The Baer Minimalist. Founder Maria Baer has been successfully running her company since 2017, a true veteran of the organizing game. Her favorite place to reorganize? The pantry. She loves to edit the space to the person’s specific personal needs. She also loves a good basement declutter because that’s where unwanted items tend to live. Baer even has a donation guide that offers references for local donation organizations. Follow Maria’s motto, “Cut the clutter; donate and do good; cue the confetti!”

Her current favorite product? The Elfa Door Rack from the Container Store.

The Designer Organizer

Mental health matters, and decluttering your everyday space helps you declutter your brain. Lisa Eckerle, ‘The Designer Organizer,’ says that even if you’re a stay-at-home mom, who cares? You have so much on your plate. There’s so much expected of you. You only have so much brain power. And who better to call than Lisa? She’s been organizing for years, from creating innovative ways to organize companies to creating her own business and organizing homes. She even has dreadful move-ins down to a science.

Her current favorite product? The Deep Divided Turntable, the Acacia Turntable, and the White Marble Turntable. wika wika wika whatttt

Seamless Spaces

When Cathy Stein’s dad died, she helped her mother move from her 42-year-long home to a new, smaller space in Carmel. She realized that moving and reorganizing can be overwhelming and emotionally draining for people who have been through traumatic situations. Cathy wanted to help. Seamless Spaces was only an idea when she met Jen Coghlan on a pickleball court one day. Not too long after, they dived head-first into creating the business. Cathy and Jen use a five-step process that makes reorganizing manageable. Their first step to any project is communicating with the client and, more importantly, listening. They believe that being transparent and creating a personal connection with their clients takes reorganizing homes to the next level. Seamless Spaces is only a call away if you need an organizer to handle your home with immense care and compassion.

Their current favorite product?  Natural Hyacinth BasketsClear Bins with Handles, and Drawer Dividers


Milissa Hall says she was made to do two things: be a mom and an organizer (in that order). She understands more than anyone how tough it can be to keep the house decluttered, especially now that the kids are home for the summer. Even the little things, like opening a junk drawer and not being able to find the tape measure, create little stressors in your life that can be easily fixed. Milissa has cultivated a dream team of organizers who are ready to help you help yourself spend more time doing what you love with those you love.

Her current favorite product? Kiva Cubbies from the Container Store!

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