6 Local Meal Prep Services to Save you Time and Money

Lasagna, Cupcakes, and Cookies, oh my!

Are you a busy mom that hates shopping for groceries? Or maybe you are a CEO just looking for a little more me time. Whatever your situation may be, we all could use a little more time in our busy schedules. So, let your stomach be your guide and take a look at these time and money-saving meal prep businesses.

Two Chicks Whisky Business

Paige and Rhonda are the creative geniuses behind the bakery Two Chicks Whisky Business. Can we all agree that sweets should be a part of meal prepping every week? With fun creations like Fruity Pebble cookies, blackberry cobbler and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, let Paige and Rhonda take care of dessert this week.

Grandma’s Kitchen

Mix a little bit of everything, sprinkle in a little bit everywhere, and Grandma’s Kitchen has you and your family covered when “bringing dinner back to the table.” Now, with multiple locations across Indianapolis, Grandma’s Kitchen is more inclusive and accessible than ever. They pride themselves on offering several vegan options and accommodating food intolerances. Put the time and hassle of cooking daily to rest, and let Grandma’s Kitchen help your family share a meal together.

 Herculean Meal prep

Herculean Prepared Meals – you read that right, there was a rebranding! – is still steadfast in using whole food ingredients when creating their products with care. Their menu now offers a revolving seasonal menu with the summer menu coming out in June and a new store soon to open near Greenwood.

Send a Friend Lasagna

Our favorite Lasagna Lady, Stephanie, will be girl-bossing all over Indy and the world once The Blox, the largest competitive show for entrepreneurs Season 14 airs later this year. And it’s obviously no surprise to us. Her mouthwatering Butternut Squash, Gorgonzola, Vegetable, and Gluten-free lasagnas keep us going and her kind heart and hard work keep us coming back.

Not Yo Momma’s Meal Prep

There’s no need to be homesick for your mother’s cooking because Not Yo Momma’s Meal Prep has you covered! Their go-to comfort food is made right using the best cuts of meat, organic veggies, unique seasonings, and absolutely no added salt. Not Yo Momma’s Meal Prep strives to be both healthy and tasty when it comes to concocting best-sellers like their popular Burger Bowl.

Blue Avocado

Are you looking for a meal prep service but worried it won’t match your diet? Not to worry! The Blue Avocado is ready to save the day. With services that are made to match keto, vegetarian, weight loss or weight gain, they are sure to make a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Cafe Baby

Indy also offers meal prepping for your mini-me. Under new owners, Chelsi and Tracey – a mom-daughter duo! – Café Baby has continued their love and loyalty to happy, healthy, full babies. They have you covered with the goal of chemical and preservative-free options to feed your child. They offer an assortment of goodies, from pureed baby food to pre-packed school punches to lactation-improving treats for mothers struggling with breastfeeding.

Abby Kom is the 2023 Indianapolis Press Club Fellowship winner, loves freezing her leftovers and is currently ordering a lasagna.

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