6 spiciest dishes in Indianapolis

Check out these Indy restaurants to add some spice to your life.
Variety of hot peppers

Interested in a new way to add spice to your life? Put your taste buds to the test this month by trying out a few of the hottest foods around the city.

Island Jerk Chicken Wings from Taste of Wings + Greens, $9

Kara and Monique Hawkins, the mother-daughter duo behind Taste of Innova Wings + Greens, have a menu of 10 original, traditional, and international wing flavors, but their Island Jerk Chicken Wings promise to leave your nose runny and eyes misty. Made with peppers and spices native to Caribbean food, the sauce can be ordered on anything from wings to loaded mac and salads.

Shrimp cocktail from St Elmo’s, $17.95

St Elmo’s Steak House is known for having the spiciest shrimp cocktail in America. Having served the dish since 1902, the appetizer is a must have for spice lovers. The famous spicy cocktail sauce is made with freshly ground horseradish that packs a punch, and it’s served with four jumbo shrimp.

Mango Habanero Wings from Chicken Scratch, $14.50

Owned and operated by Chef Tia, Chicken Scratch specializes in gourmet wings and fries with fresh chicken, hand-cut fries, and made-from-scratch sauces, seasonings, and breading. For those who like it hot, the Mango Habanero sauce — which can be ordered on wings, sandwiches, fries, or a salad — adds a sweet twist to a scorching blend of hand-ground habanero chilies, hot sauce, and a house-made sweetener. A basket of the Mango Habanero wings comes with house-blended Cajun fries.

Ghost Burger from Fat Dan’s, $13

The Ghost burger at Fat Dan’s Chicago-Style Deli may have you breathing fire. A quarter pound beef patty is served with provolone cheese, sautéed onions, jalapeño, Fat Dan’s signature blend of cayenne pepper, habanero, bhut jolokia (BUTT JA-LOW KEY-UH) — or ghost pepper — and Fat Dan’s signature “Hot as Hell” sauce on a brioche bun.

Yaad Jerk Crawfish & Shrimp from The TRAP, $20

Chef Oya Woodruff’s THE TRAP has been serving the Eastside of Indianapolis for six years, and her Yaad Jerk Crawfish & Shrimp tray is sure to make your mouth water. The Yaad Jerk sauce is made with fresh Jamaican spices blended with a house butter sauce and paired with the Extra Spicy Young Bae spice blend for added hotness. All the dishes are customizable so the spicy sauce can be ordered on anything, but the fresh Crawfish is seasonal and can only be ordered at the walk-up counter on Thursdays for $20. 

NAP MAC from Naptown Hot Chicken, $11.99

Naptown Hot Chicken’s famous Wave Sauce is about as hot as they come. A blend of sweet and hot, the habanero sauce can be ordered on any of their signature dishes, such as the Nap Mac. This creamy mac & cheese comes with chopped tenders and drizzled in Nap Yum Sauce, Nap Cheddar, and your choice of drip — or sauce. The Wave sauce is guaranteed to take any classic comfort food to a spicy new level.

Chloe McGowan is a contributor for Indy Maven.

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