Advice We’d Give Our Younger Selves

But would they listen?
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Ah, to be young again. We think we know everything (we don’t), we don’t think we need to sleep or eat healthily (we do), and we feel that our entire lives are ahead of us (they are). 

We asked our members to share their advice for their younger selves today. From what to do with money and the importance of self-love to priorities and opportunities, here’s what they had to say. 


Stay the course! (Almost) all of your experiences will serve your future self. — Bev Rella

Bev Rella
Jan Mitchell

Never feel ashamed of your past mistakes and failures. They are the valuable lessons that will one day propel you to your greatest achievements! — Jan Mitchell

Embrace the journey, both the ups and downs. Every experience, success, failure, trauma, and challenge will contribute to your growth and wisdom. Don’t be afraid of failure, it’s a part of learning. Trust yourself, stay open to opportunities, and remember that it’s okay not to have everything figured out, and it’s okay not to be ok. Know that everyone is not out to hurt you and that you are enough and your future will be of healing from the things you are going through. Your future will bring peace and happiness you never thought you would experience. Be kind to yourself and others along the way. — La Tonya Brown

Latonya brown
Jennifer Chapman

She is loved and capable of being anything that she wants to be…she is inherently worthy just as she is without accomplishing a single thing, but by simply being who she is. — Jennifer Chapman

I’d tell her to prioritize herself, and the rest will fall into place. — Kat Nick

Kat Nick
Carrie Tidwell

SAVE YOUR MONEY. — Carrie Dragoo Tidwell

You are already enough. — Despi Mayes


Cut out the things or people that don’t serve you well. — Amanda Coleman

Dream big, and don’t be afraid of ANYTHING. — Deborah Macke

Deborah Macke
kelsey cook

Go for it. People often say that we have to wait our turn, and while that is sometimes true, I think it’s important to do all the things, meet all the people, and experience as much as possible (both failing and succeeding) to really get the most out of life and go for “it” whatever “it” may be. — Kelsey Cook

Save more money sooner. — Courtney Hall

Courtney Hall
Karen Young

Be yourself more and right now.  Don’t worry about others noticing – they don’t matter so much. — Karen Young

You are far more gorgeous and capable than you realize. Also, put down that fourth drink. —  Elizabeth Friedland

Elizabeth Friedland
20200207_Shaunte_Zimmerman_Web3 - Shaunte Lewis

Trust the process and pay attention to the little things in life because one day, you will need those memories. — Shaunt’e Lewis

It all works out. — Beth Rovazzini

beth rovazzini headshot (2)

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