All Things MOMMIE Founder Erien Dickens is Connecting Moms as a Form of Self-Care

Through her website and upcoming MomsGiving event, Erien Dickens is working to bring mothers together.
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Erien Dickens
Erien Dickens

Erien Dickens is a married mom to a blended family of four kids. Like many of us during the pandemic, she focused on taking care of her family and managing work, and not on taking time to care for herself. That need for self-care inspired her to start All Things MOMMIE, a platform that fosters relationships between moms and creates a support system that encourages women to see themselves not just as a mom or a wife or a career woman, but as a whole person.  

Indy Maven spoke with Dickens to learn more about her venture. 

How did you come up with the idea of All Things MOMMIE? 

All Things MOMMIE logoFor a long time, I was pouring into my husband and my kids, but I wasn’t being intentional about taking time for myself. I thought if I feel this way, I know that other moms are probably feeling this way as well. I desired to be around other people, but I didn’t know how to intertwine motherhood and individuality. That balance was very hard for me.  

All Things MOMMIE started as a blog. Then, I started hosting Instagram (IG) Lives to discuss personal but important topics that I felt other moms could relate to. During one episode, I brought a therapist on IG Live with me because one of my kids experienced therapy. I wanted to talk about normalizing therapy in a way that other moms in my community could appreciate.   

Tell us about your MomsGiving event on Nov. 13.  

MomsGiving Event GraphicBeyond the online interactions, I wanted to connect in person. I imagined a big dinner table where moms came together, and we were developing friendships and eating Thanksgiving dinner. I shared the idea with my husband last year and he said, “Let’s do it!” I only had two weeks to plan, but I thought even if I have two moms show up, I will be grateful.  

MomsGiving 2021 included a room full of moms and almost everything was sponsored. The theme was “‘Tis the Season to Feast with Like-Minded Moms” and the goal of the event was to honor the fact that we as women have busy lives and busy schedules, but we deserve genuine friendships and self-care. It is important for us to see that other moms share the same struggles as we do, and through the highs and lows, we are not alone.  

What are you most grateful for since starting All Things MOMMIE?  
Erien Dickens Seated
Erien Dickens

The friendships I have nurtured and created have been amazing. I didn’t realize how much I needed that connection until I started All Things MOMMIE. Everyone is so supportive. Every time I came up with an idea and said, “I think I want to try this,” the women I reached out to would respond, “Where do you want me? Let’s do it!” I had so many “yesses.” It gave me a sense of hope to not be afraid to share ideas and ask people for support. I am so grateful.  

How do you balance motherhood and entrepreneurship?  

I’d say it’s a matter of learning yourself, learning what you are most passionate about, acknowledging weaknesses, and focusing on the things that matter most. As a woman of color, there is a lot of expectation not to fail. I have friends that are not entrepreneurs, and I catch them belittling their circumstances. I have to remind them, “Just because you don’t own a business or make a million dollars, you are raising kids, and you are showing up every single day to be the best that you can be. There is strength in that. Everybody’s journey is different. 

What’s next for All Things MOMMIE?  
Erien Dickens
Erien Dickens

This year’s MomsGiving is on Nov. 13. I did a survey of last year’s guests and they all said they wanted more time together, so this year’s event is a longer timeframe, and I added a speaker and networking hour. In the future, I want to expand All Things MOMMIE. I have some ideas brewing, but I want to execute them in God’s timing. I have to balance my vision and my heart. I always want to do things in the spirit of service.  

For more about All Things MOMMIE visit or @eriendickens on Instagram. 

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