6 Businesses That Have Made My Life Easier as a Busy Working Mom

Here’s hoping one of these services might help you, too.
Working Mom Story

What. A. Year. I know we’re probably in the stage where we should stop talking about the dumpster fire that was 2020 but I don’t know about you—I’m still in shock. Everyone’s journey has been different but mine looked like this: Launch a business. Get pregnant. Grow baby. COVID. Have baby. Grow business. It’s been…a lot. 

Aside from monthly sessions with a therapist and let’s be honest, a heavy reliance on Amazon and DoorDash, here are the local businesses that have made the past year just a little less stressful. Also, I’d like to recognize my privilege here and note that there have been a number of things I did that didn’t cost a dime—like learning to ask for help, setting boundaries, and getting creative with my time and resources. 

I certainly haven’t used all of these businesses at once but each served a purpose in the season of life I was in at the time and played a role in helping me keep “it all” together. On that note, I’d like to share that there’s no shame in women asking for help, delegating, or hiring out tasks to others so that you can be the best version of yourself for your family. And if you need help, consider giving one (or several) of these places a call.

Dream Dinners

I discovered Dream Dinners in a local parents’ Facebook group and it was what saved my sanity when it came to mealtime during COVID. I was also pregnant at the time so not having to be on my feet and cook after a long day of working with a toddler at home was golden. We’re mostly back to normal in our household but we still love the ease of having dinners in our freezer ready to thaw for busy weeknights and our whole family eats them, including the baby!

Indy Pups

Despite the fact that our bullmastiff Winston is terribly lazy, doesn’t like to go outside in the rain or heat, and in general, prefers couches to playtime, getting him exercise is still really important. Adrienne Harlow of Indy Pups has been walking him several times a week since he could fit in the palm of my hand. Full-disclosure: Adrienne has since joined the Indy Maven team, though she continues to run Indy Pups.


My Sherri

This is actually a brand new service that our family just started working with. Basically, My Sherri home coordinators act as your home’s project manager, handling everything from nutritional services and organization to pet care and managing life events. So, next time my kid has a birthday, I won’t be Instacarting a Costco cake the night before….for example.

Cafe Baby

My son happened to be moving to solid foods right around the time the headlines were coming out about many baby foods containing arsenic. Cafe Baby helped us transition to food in a healthy and super easy way by delivering fresh, handmade baby food to our front door. Genius!

Indy Nanny Concierge

When I found myself with a full-time job, little to no childcare, and a partner that traveled nonstop, Indy Nanny Concierge helped us find a nanny to fill the gaps. We no longer need her services as our circumstances have changed but we adored our nanny and keep in touch with her to this day.

Classic Cleaners 

Before I was a mom, I never checked labels for clothing care, otherwise, I wouldn’t have so many damn “Dry clean only” items. But alas, I do, and Classic Cleaners’ free pick up and delivery saves me from constantly having to run to the dry cleaners, or worse, putting on dirty clothes that I find on the floor of my closet. New this year: Classic Cleaners is now offering patio cushion cleaning and if you’re the bird-brain (me!) that bought white patio furniture (WHYYYYY), this is very much for you (or maybe just me).

Leslie Bailey is the co-founder and CEO of Indy Maven. She’s been stealing way too many chicken nuggets off of her kids’ plates lately. 

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