Alternative Wellness Treatments in Indianapolis That Go Beyond Your Standard Massage


2020 has been quite the year so far, and who knows what the next few months will bring. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out right now, which is why it’s important to regularly check in with yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Grounded and sane are definitely two things we all want to feel right now. 

If you’ve let self-care go out the window during the pandemic, now could be the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. It’s time to break out of your regular routine and try something new as fall arrives. 

From pain management to chakra balancing to revitalizing your vulva, we found five treatments you can try to get your glow back both inside and out.


Halotherapy is an alternative medicine that makes use of pink salt. Pink salt offers relief from skin, body, and respiratory disorders and diseases. At the Indianapolis Salt Cave, you’ll find a cool and humid man-made cave that mimics the environment of an underground salt mine in Poland, which makes for ideal breathing atmospheric conditions. Enter the Healing Salt Cave ($35 for a 45-minute session) to help combat asthma, allergies, bronchial infections, pneumonia, COPD, and even Cystic Fibrosis.

Indianapolis Salt Cave, 8899 Kent Avenue, (317) 991-4921,


If you’re thinking about Botox but looking for a natural alternative, Project Gorgeous uses a centuries-old technique to naturally help make skin look younger, smoother, and all-around healthier. Facial acupuncture ($140) works internally to optimize your health and enhance your skin’s appearance. Marianne also offers Chinese Face Reading, which is described as “acupuncture of the spirit.” 

Project Gorgeous, 6251 N. Winthrop Ave, Suite 7, (417) 631-7506,


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You are BEAUTIFUL inside & out. My job is to help make YOU feel & look your best. That’s why I offer Cosmetic Acupuncture + Micro-needling. But, I often get asked how they differ. Here’s my quick breakdown: ✨ Cosmetic Acupuncture ⇢ helps make your skin look younger, smoother, & all-around healthier. It uses your bodies energetic system to balance our your body, which impact all that shows up on your face. The pins stimulate your lymphatic + circulatory system, which works together to deliver nutrients & oxygen to your skin cells, nourishing the skin from the inside out. ✨ Micro-needling ⇢ is great for many different skin types. It uses the combination of product penetration through micro-needles & the wound healing process to get rid of bacteria and force the skin to start up the regeneration process for a fresh start. It treats large pores, acne scars, or fine lines & boosts collagen for a plump, rosy glow. Are you ready for your skin & you to glow? ✨ Book now via link in bio. . . . #acupuncture #acupunctureworks #beforeafter #cosmeticacupuncture #chiropractic #osteopathy #acupuncturelife #dryneedling #holistichealth #acupressure #neckpain #facialyoga #lymph #guashatherapy #skinbetterscience #indy #broadripple #igersindy #only_in_indiana #loveindy #do317 #eminenceorganics #pureforest #spa #organixskincare #skincareproducts #esthetician #facials #facialist

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If you’re feeling stuck or going through a time of transition, this could be the healing session you need. Clear tensions and old energy that no longer serves you to achieve freedom and clarity through working with healing crystals, breathing techniques, and Irvington Wellness Center’s flagship modality of Zero Balancing. Your appointment might also include the use of oracle cards, music, crystal bowls, bells, and toning.

Irvington Wellness Center, 17 N. Layman Street, (317) 292-2802,



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We have crystals bigger than your hands! #indianapolisstonerrock

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While the air we breathe is only about 21% oxygen, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Indy Vital surrounds you with 100% pressurized oxygen. This higher concentration of oxygen will dissolve in all the tissues and organs in your body to decrease swelling and inflammation, promote tissue recovery, and accelerate cellular renewal. This treatment is great if you suffer from pain, discomfort, or inflammation.

Indy Vital, 5252 E 82nd Street, Suite 300, (317) 593-3097,


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Did you know that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) should have a much larger role in helping to naturally heal with the use of pure 100% oxygen? HBOT can be a vital addition to almost any therapy regimen. Is there an infection, like a wound with bacterial overgrowth? HBOT will help. In the case of an infection HBOT is synergistic with antibiotics. Is there an out-of-control inflammation caused by an auto-immune disease, like Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis? HBOT may help decrease the inflammatory process caused by cytokines and other severe pro-inflammatory markers unleashed by auto-immune Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus for example. Did the patient just have a hip replacement or any other recent surgery? HBOT will accelerate bone healing within the first few treatments. These opinion are not only mine, as the Medical Director of INDY VITAL, they are what most scientists in the field of HBOT think, based on extensive scientific evidence. INDY VITAL has developed a fantastic HBOT program to serve the Indianapolis community. In case you are strugling with one of this conditions make an appointment today. Our first HBOT consult is free of charge. #chronicpain #mentalhealth #chronicfatigue #glutenfree #ibsawareness #chronicallyill #fibromyalgia #invisibleillness #autoimmunewarrior #keto #lupus #tasty #selfcare #autoimmunedisease #leakygut #paleo #chronicillness #diabetes #crohns #multiplesclerosis ⁣ #letfoodbeyourmedicine #naturalremedies #bladderwrack #naturopathy #letfoodbethymedicina #alternativemedicine #naturalcures #naturopathicmedicine #healingplant #naturalremedy

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The 24 Karat Cookie treatment ($75) at Heather Brown Face and Body Studio is a hydrating 45-minute vajacial (facial for your vagina) to leave your skin glowing and reduce pigmentation, ingrown hairs, and bacteria. Show some love to your derriere while down there with a Badass Booty Facial ($139), a relaxing one-hour treatment designed to tone and reduce cellulite and stretch marks while leaving your bum feeling smoother than ever.

Heather Brown Face and Body Studio, 11057 Allisonville Road, (317) 537-7043,


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Warning: we do show an actual booty

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A lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic massage treatment uses light pressure and “long, gentle, rhythmic strokes” to help increase circulation in the lymphatic system (a.k.a. the disease-fighting network in your body) and reduce toxins. Indy Massage Company says some of the treatment’s benefits can include speedier healing, reduced water retention and swelling, and improved skin texture.

Indy Massage Company, 4735 Statesman Drive, Suite D, (317) 288-0929,

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