The Best of the Best in Local Condiments

Sauces and vinegars and preserves—oh my! Is it time to eat yet?
Best Local Condiments

Objective journalism time: Condiments are better than the food they’re accompanying. If there’s a seasoning or a sauce to be added, it should always be added. These are just undeniable facts and we can’t do a thing to change them. 

Even better is if it’s a local—and woman-owned—condiment. 

So you already know what’s about to happen: We would like to present some of Central Indiana’s best sauces, marinades, seasonings, dressings, relishes, chutneys, aiolis, barbecue sauces, mustards, pickled things, syrups, drizzling oils, non-drizzling oils, dips, gravies, preserves, jams, jellies, salsas, pestos, nut butters, fruit butters, ketchups, and hot sauces.

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Flavor by Faith

Faith Jackson’s meal prep business offers meal plans to fit different lifestyles in her 5-year-old Flavor by Faith, but we’re here to highlight her Garden Zing Sauce made with fresh herbs and her Zest of Lift seasonings—an all-purpose seasoning and a table rub, $9, $7, and $6, respectively, at

B. Happy Peanut Butter

Family owned and Zionsville, Ind.-based B. Happy Peanut Butter comes with the tagline “Eat it with a spoon!” on every jar of their small-batch peanut butter and a truer command about a product has never been written. Owners Kathy and John Weed offer a number of unique varieties, from snickerdoodle (drool emoji) to white chocolate pretzel (double drool emoji). B. Happy Peanut Butter is $7.99 and you can buy it in a number of stores in the state or online at

Chef Oya’s The Trap

Executive Chef and Owner Oya Woodruff has been serving seafood for about four years, doused in her secret weapon of specialty sauces, otherwise known as TrapButtah. Now, she’s selling her Buttahs, like OG Garlic Herb and Island Curry, for $12 each at

The Olive Twist

Lori and Terry Berndt opened The Olive Twist in Fort Wayne a decade ago offering a variety of infused olive oils and balsamic and wine vinegars. We’re especially interested in the wild dill-infused oil and the dark chocolate balsamic vinegar. All vinegars and oils are $10.99 for 200 ml, or $16.99 for 375 ml, and can be purchased at the shop in Fort Wayne, or online at


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Spicekick meal spice kits

Chef and dietician Michelle Dudash’s Spicekick Seasoning Kits are gluten-free, no-sugar-added, preservative-free and vegan-friendly meal spice packets you simply mix with a protein and/or vegetable. This brilliant little idea was created so you don’t have to sacrifice health to make a meal quickly. Based in Carmel, Dudash’s kits start at $2.99 a packet and can be purchased at

Home Ec. Preserves

Owner and creator Jessica Sowl creates artisan preserves and pickles with locally grown fruits and vegetables in some of the most distinctive flavors, like: raspberry rose geranium preserves, tart cherry pistachio preserves, Meyer lemon lavender marmalade, and more. As for pickles, don’t expect those to be typical, either. Sowl makes spicy rosemary carrots, turmeric habanero kraut, Moroccan-preserved lemons and so many more. You can find her offerings at the Broad Ripple Farmers’ Market, or in a number of specialty shops around town. Available at


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Revival Food Co.

We’ve already covered craft peanut butter, now it’s time for the craft almond butter. Almond butter chef and Indianapolis resident Rachel Klein started making her Whole30-approved butters in 2014. Klein’s butters are $10.99 each on her website,, where you’ll also get recipes for some impressively Instagrammable food.

Candace Boyd Wylie, otherwise known as The Spice Slanger” and has self-diagnosed  “condiment issues.” Don’t we all? Boyd Wylie has four different spice options to keep you from ever eating bland food again. They are: Signature House Seasoning, Garlic Goodness Signature Seasoning, YoungBae Signature Seasoning, LemonPeppa Signature Seasoning. Each is $12, and you can snag one from

Amy Bartner is a contributing editor at Indy Maven—and a lover of sauces and spices. 

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