Your August 2020 Horoscopes with the Spellsisters

Listen, everything is uncertain right now—but we’ll still be looking to the stars for some guidance.
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Welcome to the our monthly astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, better known around Indy as the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


Finally free of the intense energy of eclipse season, August has you surveying the wreckage after all that chaos. The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd ushers you into a period of wakefulness where you are suddenly able to see what’s been in front of you all along. What needs to change? What is old and dead and needs your immediate attention? With Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, stationed retrograde on August 15th, you’ll likely need to revisit an old subject and finally pull the trigger on what you’ve been putting off. You are ready to explore the new ways of thinking that were introduced to you last month as a result of trying to find workable solutions for impossible situations.

Emotions are likely still running high for you from last month, but August promises clarity, slow movement, and subtle changes. Venus transitions to Cancer on August 7th and brings with it a deeper capacity for emotional maturity and vulnerability. You are typically willing to sacrifice to keep the peace, but this month you are no longer able to let conversations slide that hold you or others accountable. Old grudges will be let go and old friendships renewed. In your love and leisure life, expect to feel a much stronger focus on what is tried and true over what is risky and fun.

There’s plenty of fire sign energy with Leo and Aries active this month, not to mention a  configuration with Mars on August 16th that will bring unexpected news and help you make major moves in your creative and romantic life. Mercury, Venus and Mars are no longer retrograde this month, indicating that events that had once been at a standstill are finally starting to shift in your favor. Your patience is being rewarded. The New Moon in Leo on August 18th initiates a restart on a creative project that may have gone untouched for the past several months–this may even include a glow-up with full hair, makeup, and personality transformation.

Although a tense aspect from Mars strikes on August 24th, you’re being encouraged by events you can’t control to revise your plan and consider another route. You may be forced to abandon a path because you realize there’s an important detour that would get you there faster. Don’t hesitate to change course, because everything is happening for you not to you in August. It’s time for you to shine your light, so you can follow the right path and avoid the ones that are a waste of your time and energy.

  • Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd
  • Uranus goes Retrograde on August 15th in Taurus
  • Venus transitions to Cancer on August 7th
  • Sun trines Mars in Leo/Aries on August 16th
  • Mars squares Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn on August 24th
  • New Moon in Leo on August 18th


This month is a huge leveling up for you, baby Leo. You’re casting off the chains that have been on since early February, and focusing on how you can live your best life now—not some time light years in the future. You may have been going slightly off the rails in July and now you need to take a much needed vacation from doing too much or caring too little.

Let’s bring everything back in balance and center yourself. You should be feeling less afraid of taking risks and more secure financially this month with Mars in your complimentary sign of Aries. You’re cool, calm, and collected as you cut through work tension and blast through old obstacles. It might seem like events you’ve been putting off are suddenly in rapid restart and even moving a little too fast, but luckily this is the speed you prefer. With the New Moon in your sign, you’ll be exploring a new side of your identity and maybe even getting a refresher on your usual look. You’re going to be feeling yourself and with Mars stationed in Aries, attracting a hefty amount of secret admirers. This birthday month will have you clearing up loose ends that have been weighing you down (and maybe cutting off some split ends on the hair front). You’re ready for a rebirth through what starts as only a physical transformation.

Famous Leo: Viola Davis

Local Leo: Holly Miller, Co-Owner of Black Acre Pub and Garden |  5529 Bonna Avenue,


VIRGO (AUGUST 23-September 22)

Your season is coming soon, starting on August 22, and you’re riding an “all work and no play makes me a dull baby” wave right now. You’re super over the Zoom meetings and Slack notifications, but only because you know you’ve already done a lot of legwork. It’s time to chill now, but don’t get lazy (we know you won’t). You’re really starting to feel how big your accomplishments are and getting a lot of recognition for them. You’ll be entrusted with an important task for someone special, shining an even bigger spotlight on your abilities and catching the attention of a higher-up you really respect. You’re ready to move on to the next level, and it might require a change of location that feels bittersweet but well-deserved and therefore, super enticing.


We hope you realize, Libra, that you have a rare talent for uplifting others. You’re, like, really good at it, and we’re not saying you should stop—but you should consider how it makes you feel. Has it recently occurred to you that you’re tired of waiting on things to come together for you, for once? Of course, it feels really good to make life easier for others, but resist the urge to people-please and put yourself last. Taking inspired action will feel really satisfying this month, but this is a pivot point where you stop simply accepting others’ plans and going with the flow, and really start forging your own path. You’ll find special ways to engage your playful, creative side in a way that serves others, but this month it’s also crucial for you to really start putting yourself first.


Even though we’re still in the peak of summer, we’re almost headed into your time of year—and after some blows to your ego earlier this year, you’re simply determined to get your life in order before your birthday. This month, you’re kind of obsessed with hunkering down further into your shell so you can TCB (take care of business) professionally and otherwise. You really, really want to be successful and also have your shit together. This is an important aspect of your identity that you don’t typically share with the outside world. However, you might want to pull in outside help, which will help you to get closer to your goals way faster. This month’s astrological circumstances are illuminating your desire to earn and claim your throne. It requires a lot of hard work, and you’re ready for that.


August is electric for you. This month has you sparkling, lit from within, ready to thoroughly enjoy your life again. You have really leaned into this new socially distanced socializing, but you’re still learning how to stay true to yourself on the outside while continuing to nurture your newly discovered daily recommended dose of spiritual self care. Your sense of ~home~ has changed, and not the one you live in; you are a chameleon, settling into situations that used to feel foreign to you. After the past few months of Zooming out (no pun intended) to look at the bigger picture, August has you realizing you’re part of something bigger. Your inner and outer circles will collide in the weeks between the full moon and new moon in a supernatural way, helping you understand a deeply rooted but hidden part of your identity.


Have you ever listened to doom metal? It’s kind of your soundtrack right now, Capricorn. A slow build into a long-anticipated climax is kind of the name of the game for you this month. It’s like you can tell something big is about to happen but you don’t know what it is yet. Brace yourself. We suspect something isn’t as it seems and it relates to something that currently feels very safe for you; all will be revealed by the new moon on the 18th. At the beginning of the month, watch for bad money deals and weird social entanglements—hesitate before signing or agreeing to anything. Stay out of drama and MYOB (mind your own business). If something feels off, be vocal about it. We’re making it sound way worse than it is, but that’s kinda just how doom metal is, ya know? .


Finally things are on the upswing for you, Aquarius! The past few months have probably felt just a little lackluster, but you’re regaining a sense of opulence this month that surprisingly comes from sticking to new routines. What was once meh now excites you. The best part is that your new routines will actually be super self-driven so you’ll feel even more motivated and independent than you did when you didn’t have any. If I told you six months ago that having responsibilities would revitalize you, you probably would have scoffed. Now, it’s a welcome change that invites new growth and opportunities you could have never anticipated. August feels like putting the pieces of your life back together into a better pattern.


Last month brought you some clarity on some foggy situations. This was an awakening for you and now you’ve probably changed your mind about a few things you thought were solid. This month’s early full moon in Aquarius hits your 12th house of dreams, secrets, and spirituality. This is actually your house, Pisces. You’re highly intuitive and well acquainted with the changes brought about by instincts and vibes you pick up on. This month’s full moon is going to inspire karmic shifts for you, releasing you from situations and obligations that no longer fit you … and you’ll even feel okay releasing people from your life who don’t match your elevated energy. By the new moon on the 18th, you’ll feel settled and ready to start fresh.


August is going to be lit for you, Aries, but watch for some confusion about what you want mid-month. August brings a lot of action to your 5th house of creativity, romance, and playfulness, setting you up for a month of excitement and inspiration. Not only is Leo hitting your 5th house, Mercury, our planet of communication, also enters this creative sector on the 3rd of the month. To put it super simply, you’re really inspired to express yourself and your ability to do that is razor-sharp this month. You’ll feel especially confident as your strength for reading and influencing the room is heightened. This gift of influence makes you feel social, but you’re also kind of at odds with yourself… You get off on gaining the respect of others, but at the same time, you’ve been enjoying being left alone lately. Things will start to feel like they’re moving a little too fast for you to process them; check your gift of gab starting mid-month and be sure to think before you say something you don’t mean.


This month has you focused on work-life balance and possibly navigating a new savings routine for the future, baby Taurus. You’re going to be feeling a bit tight in the pockets for the first half of August due to Uranus hitting your financial sector, but this is temporary and your spidey senses should be tingling to tell you that more money is on its way. This might come as a surprise, as you may be on a somewhat fixed income at the moment, but either way, you’re sensing that something new and illuminating is on its way—like the last piece to a beautiful puzzle. With both the Full Moon and New Moon in stressful alignment, you’re learning life lessons from outside events that might initially throw you off-kilter. These are blessings in disguise that you’ll understand better later. You’re learning to enjoy what you have, just in time for more gifts to be grateful for to head your direction.


A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are for, dear Gemini. You’re feeling like you’re in the right place but on the wrong path this month. You’ve found your pack and have all the essential people and tools in your life to make your dreams come true, but maybe you’re realizing the dream you had isn’t achievable in the comfortable confines of the world you’ve built for yourself. You might have a breakthrough this month where you have to take some risks or make new connections to get where you need to be. Although life may finally be feeling secure for you, you’re questioning whether you’re playing it too safe, and with Mars in Aries and many planets in Leo, it might just be time to shoot your shot and interrupt your usual programming. You have so much potential within you that it’s worth at least considering whether your current path might actually not compute with where you see yourself in five years.


Not all that glitters is gold this month, Cancer. You may feel like you’re faced with a shallow victory, even if it’s something you’ve been saying that you wanted forever. It’s as if you finally achieved something that ultimately didn’t feel as good as you thought it would, or that you had to beat out someone else to claim. This is only a sign that you’re ready for more than you ever thought possible and you’re learning to believe you deserve it. With Venus in your sign at mid-month, you may be mega focused on growing your personal brand or galvanizing a career path you’ve been pursuing all by your lonesome, like grad school or art. There’s a sense that you don’t necessarily know where your next step is going to lead you and anything can happen, which can be fun if you’re able to relax and enjoy the process. Although you may be feeling alone this month, alone time is necessary for the kind of inner work you’re doing and you need to save your energy.

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