Flourish Gathering Indianapolis: The Power of Connecting Women

This faith-based empowerment event created by Allison Wren and Adrienne Evans is meant to be a welcoming, encouraging, safe space for all.
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Image showing Allison Wren and Adrienne Evans of Flourish GatheringIndy Maven is all about women empowerment and creating a sense of community and belonging between ALL women. What makes the Central Indiana community so amazing is the fact that other women are creating these safe spaces as well. Which brings me to Flourish Gathering which was created by two dear friends, Allison Wren and Adrienne Evans.

We love hearing stories of the different ways Hoosier women come together to create community and safe spaces. Take Allison Wren and Adrienne Evans of Flourish Gathering. 

So, what is Flourish Gathering? It is a faith-based event for greater Indianapolis women that offers them a time to be themselves, with no distractions. The goal is to create a space for women who want to live freely, connect deeply, and love fully—and be encouraged to love who God created them to be. 

Image of Flourish Indy gatheringThe first event took place in 2018, selling out at 200 tickets. It was a night full of worship, encouragement, and fellowship is what you can expect when you attend. Whether you are in your 20s or 70s, there is a seat at the table for you. Whether you are just beginning your faith journey, curious to learn more or just looking to connect, Flourish aims to be a welcoming space for all.

The idea was born after Ali and Adrienne met while attending women’s empowerment events. A friendship was quickly born after they realized so many shared values—and hopes for women. Adrienne shared that she had a vivid dream about Flourish and Ali was right by her side, so she knew that this was who she should be partnering with to create this space.

Right now, Flourish is one big event that takes place once a year. It consists of prayer, worship, a keynote speaker, and a panel. There is also a marketplace where local female-owned businesses can set up shop. 

In the future, they would love to keep the main event, with the addition of smaller more intimate spaces to bring more women together and create even more connections and relationships. They would love to keep women empowered and connected to their faith throughout the year—and are trusting in the lord to continue to guide their steps with how Flourish should look moving forward.

We asked the pair a few questions about their journey and what’s next.

What has been your favorite part about the event/community?

Adrienne: Knowing that friendships and connections have stemmed from this event is special. Knowing that God has led every woman who attends Flourish to be in the space, and seeing how he weaves people together and places people in the right place at the right time. It is so cool that women are engaging with each other and seeing how connection is truly the heartbeat of Flourish.

Ali: The women without a doubt. Whether they are helping us put on the event, or the women in attendance or on the panel. Flourish wouldn’t be what it is without the women.

What has been one of the greatest parts of your faith journey?

Adrienne: Seeing Flourish come to life has been absolutely fire to my soul. Since it was a literal dream of mine and seeing it happen has been one of the most awe-inspiring affirmations of God working in my life.

Ali: Going through some really hard seasons and being on the other side of not being fully healed at the time, has really helped me to connect with women who may be going through the same thing. I’ve really wanted to share my story and let other women know that I have been there, and you don’t have to stay here forever. I want women to know that there is hope and healing coming. I see how God has been able to use my story to help me help others.

What are some words of encouragement for women who are currently on a journey with their faith?

Ali: Healing and growth don’t take place in the dark but in the light. Being able to expose a struggle can create a place of healing that we need. It is okay to let people in on our struggles and help us navigate our rough times. You don’t have to go through hard times alone even if it feels scary letting someone in.

Adrienne: Showing up is a really brave decision. Showing up to church is a brave decision. Showing up to a conversation is a brave decision. All of the women who show up to Flourish and share their hearts with friends and strangers is a brave decision. There’s lots of bravery and strength in showing up. Two of the best components of healing are community and open hands with where the Lord wants to take you. Having community with other believers who will carry you and that you may carry is special and what community is about.

For more information on Flourish Gathering and for the 2022 date once it is set, check out flourishindy.com.

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