A Letter from Our Editor-in-Chief Leslie Bailey

What a wild and wonderful first year this has been for Indy Maven.

Thank you, Mavens.

I remember my first son’s first birthday like it was yesterday. He woke up in the wee hours of a cold, dark January morning—the kind of morning where I would normally want to call in sick to life. But that morning, I sprung out of bed to run up and be the first to celebrate his special day with him. Our special day. I’d somehow, but certainly not on my own, managed to keep this tiny human alive and well for one whole year. We made it through the late nights and the tough times where we all just wanted to cry. We celebrated baby steps and milestone after milestone until slowly, and yet all at once, a year had gone by. 

The experience of launching Indy Maven has not been dissimilar. I wake up excited every day to take on this other baby of mine that has been cared for, nurtured, supported, and loved by so many amazing women, I couldn’t begin to thank them all here. But you are one of them. Perhaps we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person yet or maybe we’ve been together since day one through the late nights, the tears, the baby steps, and the milestones. Slowly, and yet all at once, we grew. I’m so damn proud of us. 

It is my sincere hope that you have found community, a sense of connection, and maybe even friendship here. There are so many places where you can get your information these days but I’m proud to say that we have dedicated our content and offerings specifically with you in mind. We know you’re busy. And probably a little stressed these days—thanks, 2020. It’s our job to make sure that you feel connected to what’s going on in our city and know about the people, places, and things that are MOST important in YOUR life. But we’re only as good as those whom we surround ourselves with.  

As the old saying goes, it takes a village. 

Thank you Mavens, for being mine. 

Until next month….xx