Maven to Know: Christian Bennin

After being introduced to Adobe Suite in high school, this Maven developed a deep affinity for design and turned it into a full-blown career.
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Give some Hoosier hospitality to Christian Bennin, a creative lead at Eli Lilly and Company, as well as an award-winning designer. This Adobe Suite lover shares how she stays accountable, her best organizational hack, and what beauty product is turning back time on her face. Take it from here, Christian!

My Maven Superpower is asking for help. It’s something that I learned, especially after COVID.

I stay accountable by … having the unhealthy ability to shut everything else out when I’m working. I get in the zone on a project and I’ll forget to eat and forget to go to bed. It’s not the best way to work, but I do find that it keeps me on my deadlines and I tend to work well under pressure. So, it’s worked for me so far.  

Best book Ive read lately is … The Moment of Lift” by Melinda Gates. It was just really eye-opening to me on women’s rights around the world and how a lot has been politicized.

Self-care to me looks like … a bubble bath every night, no matter what.  

Best career advice I can offer is to always believe everyone is doing the best they can. It’s really helped me when I’m dealing with difficult clients.  

A purchase I’ve been loving lately is my skincare regimen. Right now it’s Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream. It’s like turning back time on my face. 


I feel most confident when I’m working. I love what I do, and even when I’m learning a new skill and I’m not super confident that the client is going to like it, I feel the most confident that I can get my idea across and communicate whatever message I need to communicate with the tools that I know how to use. 

My favorite local restaurant dish is … brunch at Yolk. Their chicken and waffles are delicious.

Podcast I’ve been binging lately is Hidden Brain.  

My best organizational hack is … Google Docs for everything! I use Google Sheets for project tracking, dinner menus, workouts … I live for a good Doc.

A fun fact about me is … I’ve moved more than 30 times in my life, so I’m an expert at packing.

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