Maven to Know: Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson spent most of her adult life in New York City. When the pandemic pulled her back to Indy to care for family, Esme Faire was born.
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Jane Wilson, owner of mindfullness company Esme Faire, spent most of her adult life in New York City as a theater actor and director. During the pandemic, she moved back to Indiana to care for her loved ones and while adjusting to life back in Indy, Jane launched Esme Faire. On a day-to-day basis, she guides and facilitates mindful living for people living hectic lives (aka all of us). Over to you now, Jane!

My Maven Superpower is … Getting to the heart of the matter. As a lifelong observer of people and situations, I’m able to shift perspectives, brush aside noise and camouflage, and see the core truth. 

Self-care habit I swear by … Meditation and Dynamic Movement.

The best book I’ve read lately is … When Women Rose Rooted” by Sharon Blackie.

My first job was … As an assistant dance teacher. It was the first time I felt I had a talent and worth that was all my own. The impact of being seen and supported by my dance teacher for whom I had such respect was life-changing. 

The best career advice I can offer is Pause, breathe, and begin again—always, always, always from your authentic truth. Each moment is an opportunity to be more present, more compassionate, more curious, and to begin again.

A purchase I’ve been loving lately is … Fire Cider by Tweefontein Farms. I take a shot of this magic elixir of apple cider vinegar and various spices every day to keep away colds and flu.

My favorite local restaurant dish is … Not really a dish but, I love the Miche bread at Leviathon Bakehouse.

My favorite non-profit to support is … Supermajority Education Fund and The ACLU of Indiana.

The thing I’ve been binging lately is …The Split” from BBC. It’s such a great show and Nicola Walker’s character is amazingly understated yet fiercely present and formidable.

A fun fact about me is … While in New York, I had to defend myself against a shady apartment broker. I represented myself in court, subpoenaed records from the New York Times, and won the case.

A maven you should know is … Nikki Myers. Nikki is the founder of Y12SR and CITYOGA.

What’s next for me is … I am very excited to work with local businesses to bring mindfulness to the workplace through infusion plans, workshops, and coaching. Small shifts in perspective and practice, done consistently, can have significant impacts on the culture and effectiveness of a professional community.


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