Maven to Know: Ellen Neiers

The Director of Public Relations at Pivot Marketing, Ellen Neiers has been in Public Relations her entire career and loved every second of it.
Ellen Neiers

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Ellen Neiers, Director of Public Relations at Pivot Marketing is an old soul. Don’t let that fool you though, she’s adventurous, spontaneous and always down to try something new. She’s an introvert at heart, but says she has a deep love for communication that draws her to people and their passions. Let’s hear from you now, Ellen.

My Maven Superpower is … Curiosity. I’m fascinated by anything and everything and never afraid to ask questions and learn more. 

Self-care habit I swear by … An early bedtime. I try to at least be in bed by 9PM a couple nights a week – does wonders for my mental headspace.

The best book I’ve read lately is … The Left Right Game. It’s technically an audio fiction podcast, but I absolutely love them.

My first job was … Babysitting my freshman year in high school. 

The best career advice I can offer is Treat every moment as a learning opportunity. Mistakes aren’t failures, they are simply an opportunity to learn and grow.

A purchase I’ve been loving lately is … Codenames. I love card games and this is one of my favorites to play on game nights.

My favorite local restaurant dish is … The spaghetti at Bluebeard – so simple yet so good.

My favorite non-profit to support is … Big Brothers Big Sister

The thing I’ve been binging lately is … Everything on HBOMax. I just got a subscription so I’m watching all the shows I’ve missed out on.

A fun fact about me is … I’m actually a Southern girl and lived most of my life in Louisiana and Texas.

A maven you should know is … Mali Jeffers. 

What’s next for me is … I have no idea what’s next. I like think of myself as a wild card. My goal is to always challenge myself in everything I do and just see where life can take me.


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