The Founders of Sunny Period Are Helping Make “That Time of the Month” a Little Less Brutal

Cindy Belardo and Drew Jarvis, the diverse founders of Sunny Period, are making huge strides in the reformation of the menstruation industry.
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Cindy Belardo of Sunny Period

For decades, society has spurned women’s menstruation needs, and like most women, Cindy Belardo and Drew Jarvis were sick of it. So, they took matters into their own hands and birthed “Sunny Period,” a menstrual cup that inserts like a tampon. Many wouldn’t associate the word “Sunny” with “Period,” but co-founders Berlado and Jarvis have found a way to change that and transform something that has been historical pesky into something powerful.

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Drew Jarvis of Sunny Period

Cindy serves as Sunny Period’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and heads up sales, operations, and the company’s overall vision, while Drew is the company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and leads product research and development, marketing strategies, and company partnerships. Both women have ties to Indiana; Cindy currently lives in West Lafayette, and Drew is from Fishers and just graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Bloomington.

Sunny Period is in the startup stage and is currently taking pre-orders, and has received positive attention from a recent viral TikTok video. We chatted with Cindy and Drew to find out more about the groundbreaking product and their hopes for the future.

What is Sunny Period and why should women care about it? 
reusable menstrual cup and applicator
Sunny Period cup and applicator

Sunny is a self-care brand delivering the first beginner-friendly menstrual cup that inserts like a tampon. For people with periods, we are dedicated to providing an eco-friendly option, honest education, and community giveback to help end period poverty.

Did either of you go through a negative experience with menstrual products that inspired you to start a company of your own? 

Cindy: Both Drew and I wanted to make the switch to reusable products when we heard about menstrual cups. We both had difficulty with the insertion process — I personally had to try three different period cycles before I was able to insert the cup. When I was able to use the cup, I experienced the benefits, but we really wanted the insertion process to be easier for beginners.

Why is Sunny Period a better option than pads or tampons? Is Sunny Period suitable for young girls who just started their period?
the word "sunny" with a smiley face above the "u"
Sunny Period logo

The Sunny Cup and Applicator is a comfortable, effective, eco-friendly option that saves users $5,000 over their period lifetime; one Sunny Cup replaces 528 tampons from going into landfills each year. There is no age restriction with the Sunny Cup and Applicator, it is all about a person’s personal preference and comfort with a period product that is inserted into the vaginal canal.

What advice would you give to skeptical women who have never tried a menstrual cup? 

If someone has used tampons before and is interested in an eco-friendly alternative, we encourage you to check out the Sunny Cup and Applicator. Menstrual cups hold 3-5x the amount of period blood than a tampon, can be worn for 12 hours at a time, and are reusable, saving you thousands over your period lifetime.

What is the biggest barrier in the reformation of women’s healthcare?

One of the largest barriers is the societal stigma around sexual health and female reproductive systems. Due to the lack of education and conversation, many women and people with uteruses lack representation in medical studies, innovation, and decision-making positions for body autonomy.

What can women expect from Sunny Period in the future?

We are a self-care brand dedicated to creating more personal care eco-friendly products. We promise to center our innovation in community giveback and transparency about our brand and values. We stand for women’s rights and human rights through our mission and advocacy.

Mina Denny is Indy Maven’s editorial intern.

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