Winterize Yourself: Tablescaping with Uncommonly Styled

Brooke Csukas of Uncommonly Styled, along with Kelli Bastin, shows you how to create the festive tablescape of your dreams.
Tablescaping Uncommonly Styled

If you didn’t catch our IG Live with Uncommonly Styled, have no fear, all of our live online events are available on our Indy Maven YouTube channel!

As part of our “Winterize Yourself” series, Brooke Csukas of Uncommonly Styled,along with Kelli Bastin, showed us how to create a festive tablescape. Whether you’re clinging to traditions more than ever or embracing the opportunity to shake things up, tablescaping adds joy to any holiday…or just a virtual dinner or evening with your pod.

Watch as they explore holiday design and creative ways to celebrate together … even if you’re miles apart.⁣

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