5 Things I’m Loving This Week

Our editor-in-chief, Leslie Bailey, shares some of the local finds on her mind at the moment.
5 Things I'm Loving

Before she founded Indy Maven, our editor-in-chief Leslie Bailey was a lifestyle reporter with her finger on the pulse on all that’s happening in our fair city. In fact, all her friends asking her where to go and what to do helped plant the seed that would one day become this website. Her job may have evolved, but her keen sense of what’s cool has not. So we figured it made sense to check in with her every once and while to see what she’s obsessing over at the moment. 

Sips, Bites, and Food Equity

I’ve always loved A Couple Cooks for their delicious vegetarian recipes and beautiful food photography, but lately I’m loving their cocktail recipes and the conversations they’re having surrounding the intersections of food, racism, diversity, and equity.



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Pink is My Favorite Color

I’m currently breastfeeding and there’s apparently not enough water under the sun to satisfy my thirst so I’m supplementing with Simplicity Juice’s “PINK” Hydration beverage. 



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Artsy Fartsy, Baby

I have grand aspirations to wallpaper a room in my home with a pattern from Walter Knabe’s line—but for now, I’ll settle for this onesie for my new baby.



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My One and Only Summer Read

Indy Maven executive editor Abby Gardner—also known as my personal pop-culture guru—loaned me this book at the beginning of my pregnancy (the sequel to The Royal We which I’d also borrowed from her). Ten very chaotic months later, I finally finished it and am missing the characters who had become like friends to me.


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Instagram, Take Me Away

The mid-summer, pandemic burnout has hit me hard. One way I’m finding a small escape in my chaotic days is by looking at images from some of my favorite travel ‘grams including but limited to @travelandleisure, @mylittleparis, @aladyinlondon, and @visit__sicily.


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Leslie Bailey is Co-founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Indy Maven. For what it’s worth, she’s also really loving Zoloft right now. 

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