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Talking all things sugary this holiday season with Carrie Abbott of Newfangled Confections.
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year—festive times with family and friends, a perfect excuse to imbibe prosecco and eggnog, and so much holiday candy. Come January 1, I’ll be cutting out sugar alongside millions of other Americans in hopes of resetting for the new year—but until then, it’s candy cane season. 

There is so much nostalgia wrapped up in the treats that come with the holidays. Sure, the cookies are nice—but I’m here for the candy. Growing up, my siblings and I would find a brand-new Pez dispenser in our stockings along with a sleeve of the sugary candy. It was the only time of year we ever ate it, even though you could buy it our neighborhood Osca 365 days a year. Then there are the more seasonal favorites like those individually wrapped chewy peppermints emblazoned with a Christmas tree. Then, of course, you’ve got your caramels, peppermint bark, fudge, and the classic candy canes. 

Carrie Abbott of Newfangled Confections especially loves those old-fashioned hard candies that come in various colors and designs. In fact, she still fills her glass Christmas tree jars with them each season. “It reminds me of a simpler time,” she says. Another jar is always filled with Red Hots. She’s always been drawn to the classics—so much so, she turned it into a career.

Abbott always loved the cheap peanut brittle she would eat as a kid. Now, her grownup version, Newfangled Confections’ classic frittle (a unique blend of peanut fudge and brittle), is their best seller during this “super busy, but fun” time of year. The sweet treat also comes in coconut and sesame flavors. Starting at $5, the frittle is perfect for a teacher gift, stocking stuffer, or something to hand out at the office.

Once you try it, it will be forever on your list of holiday classics.  

Order now or find a retailer that carries Newfangled Confections Frittle here

Abby Gardner is the executive editor of Indy Maven who has long believed candy should be an option for dessert at restaurants. 

Newfangled Confections is an Indy Maven partner.

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