5 Things We Learned During Our Meetup at Barre Ripple

Check out tips from Indy Maven’s March meetup with Barre Ripple.
Group of women posed in a photo at Barre Ripple in Broad Ripple, Indiana.

One of our favorite things about hosting our monthly Indy Maven meetups at local businesses is it gives our community a chance to try something new in a safe and supportive environment. That’s exactly what we got during our visit to Barre Ripple for our March meetup.

Originating from a fusion of ballet, Pilates, and yoga, barre workouts offer a unique and effective approach to achieving a toned physique, improved posture, and enhanced flexibility. Here’s what we learned about the studio.

1. Micro-Movements = Sculpted Muscles: Barre workouts target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, including those often overlooked in traditional strength training. You can effectively sculpt lean muscles, particularly in the arms, thighs, glutes, and core, by engaging in isometric movements and small, controlled pulses. Do they hurt so good? Yes.

2. It’s Not Just for Your Booty: Want better posture? Barre workouts can help develop better body awareness and posture control. Strengthening the core muscles and elongating the spine improves posture and reduces the risk of injury. If you’re like us and spend a lot of the day sitting at a computer, this is a must.

3. They Keep Things Interesting: In addition to barre classes, Barre Ripple offers cycling classes as well as cardio and interval classes.

4. It’s Low-Impact: Unlike high-intensity workouts that can place stress on joints and ligaments, barre workouts are predominantly low-impact. The controlled movements and focus on form made it perfect for our varying fitness levels and ages, including those with joint issues or recovering from injuries.

5. Mind-Body Connection: Maybe it was the crazy lightning storm outside or the beautiful twinkle lights above at the end of our class, but we all walked away feeling less stressed and more energized.

Interested in checking out Barre Ripple? Get your first class free! Thank you to Ellen Brown, Jillian Walker, and the entire Barre Ripple team for hosting us.

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