Maven to Know: Jennifer Hughes

Between juggling family life and work responsibilities, there’s basically nothing this Maven can’t do.
A photo of Jennifer Hughes

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Allow us to introduce you to Jennifer Hughes, an Indianapolis-based family law attorney, a partner at Church Church Hittle + Antrim, and a mother of two. This Meridian-Kessler dweller and pop culture aficionado dishes on her self-care habits, her favorite purchase lately, and why we should always be nice. Take it from here, Jennifer!

My Maven Superpower is … The ability to nap anywhere. I am a champion nap-taker, and proud of it! Even a quick 10-minute nap helps me recharge after a busy day or week.

Best book I’ve read lately is… Going There” by Katie Couric. It came out in November and I just loved it. I thought it gave some good insights into her life and also juggling her first husband who had terminal cancer. It ended up being very much a love story. It was a love letter to her own parents and how she was raised, and just the values that they instilled in her. So, I really enjoyed it. I’ve recommended it to a lot of people. 

Self-care habit I swear by is … getting regular facials. That feels very self-indulgent, but it’s kind of a time for me to just relax and take care of my skin and try and prolong any other alterations to my face, so to speak.

My favorite charity to give back to is … Horizons. The way I found it is it’s on Meridian Street in the summer, and it’s a program that helps prevent summer learning loss for kids. Kids from certain schools and areas in Indianapolis can come for the summer and just stay up on those skills like math or reading. It also provides childcare throughout the summer. I’ve just really been impressed with their programming and their mission.


Career advice I live by is … just be nice to everyone. Indianapolis, although it’s a large city, it’s really a small town. You just never know whose path you’re going to cross again. It doesn’t really pay off, I think, to be rude or be nasty. Unfortunately, that seems like such an easy thing right now because everyone is stuck behind these computers, and you don’t have to look anybody in the eye or say anything face to face. Just a little bit of kindness can go a really long way.

Favorite purchase I’ve made recently … is time for myself with Maria Baer. I recently purchased two days of her time, which is two half days for her to come and help me organize my garage and some storage spaces. It had gotten really out of control. It felt like a very indulgent purchase at the time. I could not believe what a stress reliever she was and how she made this cleaning process so easy and just really eliminated a lot of my own anxiety and paralysis about that process.

I feel most confident when … I’m with my girlfriends. As you get older, you get more time to spend with friends again. I just have the greatest group of girlfriends and just a really supportive atmosphere and people you can genuinely be yourself with. And I’ve just really enjoyed getting that aspect back. I feel like I took a hiatus in my late 20s and throughout my 30s with little kids. So, I definitely feel my most confident when I’m hanging out with my good group of friends. 

Just a little bit of kindness can go a really long way.

Local restaurant dish I’ve been loving lately is … the “knife & fork burger” from Petite Chou. I would probably also say their french fries. I’m a french fry-aholic.

The last TV show I binged was …. Billions on Showtime. I binged it with my husband.

Go-to host gift is … any sort of product that I can pick up at Nicole-Taylor’s Pasta Market. They have such a great front little shop, so I really love picking up olive oil or vinegar, or even just homemade pastas. So, I always love to pick up things from there and bring them as a hostess gift. 

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