Maven to Know: Sarah Harker

Here’s how one amazing nurse turned her passion for empowering healthcare workers into something bigger than herself.
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Today we’d like you to meet Sarah Harker, the founder of the Healing Healthcare Project, which is an organization on a mission to help healthcare providers prevent burnout. She’s also been a nurse for 12 years now, which is part of the reason she’s so passionate about helping service-based workers. So, without further ado … Sarah Harker.

My Maven Superpower is being a super-connector. I love connecting women with each other.

Best book Ive read lately is … Streaking.” It sounds so bad, but it’s not what you’re thinking.

Self-care habit I swear by … I drink a ton of water. That’s how I start my day. Then my second one is just quiet time. I have to get up before everyone else in my family does, just to breathe. 

Career advice I live by is invest in people. 

Favorite purchase I’ve made recently would have to be my family membership for North Mass Boulder. We’re kind of addicted. It has a co-working space and a café. There’s a gym, and Invoke Studio works out of there. If you ever get tired of working in your office and you need somewhere else to go, it’s a really fun atmosphere. 


The most challenging part of owning my own business is remembering that even though it’s my own, I’m not alone. Remembering to ask for help is a big one. 

I feel most confident after a really great workout and starting the morning off right with my kids. Sounds a little bit corny, but that’s what gives me the most confidence. 

Go-to restaurant dish is … The “Cuban Breakfast” at Café Patachou.

Last TV show I binged was Mindy Kaling’s new show, “The Sex Life of College Girls.” 

Go-to host gift is … my friend Teri Turner’s cookbook, “No Crumbs Left.”

Favorite Indianapolis weekend activity is … hitting up a library with my family and then hiking at Eagle Creek. And coffee, there is always coffee in there.

My coffee order is … a cortado or cinnamon latte. I mix it up, but I’m a big espresso fan.

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