Suffrage Centennial Block Party

Ladies, it's time to get our vote on and remember those who helped us earn that right in the first place.
phillip-goldsberry-GidItEeb_24-unsplash (1)

Rock the vote at Indy’s Suffrage Centennial Block Party Aug. 29-Sept. 4 with live-streamed and in-person talks, porch parties, tours, and workshops.

Meet the suffragists excluded from your history books, learn about the iconography of the American suffragette movement (and make your own craftivist banner), and go behind-the-scenes of a political artwork made by an Indigenous woman. Six local arts and cultural organizations are hosting more than a dozen events, including free days at local museums. Limited tickets are available to some events, and registration is required for many, so your vote now on which ones you want to attend. Check out the full list here.

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