6 Spa Trends to Ease You Into 2022

From massages with your bestie to three-hour treatments, here are the trends you need to know about for your most relaxed year ahead.
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Did you have a gift card to your favorite spa on your wish list this holiday season? You’re not alone. According to Mindbody, 40% of consumers are getting more salon and spa treatments now than they did prior to the pandemic and over the next 6 months, 49% plan to treat themselves to more indulgent salon/spa services and treatments. 

Due to the mental, physical, and emotional toll the COVID-19 pandemic had on so many people worldwide, the healing power of self-care and wellness became more important than ever. As the world opened back up, we were seeking comfort and a respite from the stress we felt. We might be facing a long winter ahead but here are six trends to focus on to keep your physical and mental wellness in tip-top shape in 2022.

Thai Massage 

If you love yoga, you’ll love Thai massage which ​​focuses on a rhythmic flowing and assisted yoga-like stretching routine. You stay fully clothed but experience deep relaxation and stress relief. 

Shared Experiences 

As we look to reconnect with friends and loved ones after so much time apart (and perhaps another period of time apart this winter due to an increase in COVID cases), experts still expect the year ahead to include shared experiences such as couples massages—not just for romantic partners, but for friends and mother/daughter duos. 

Gua Sha 

If you follow any skincare or beauty accounts on Instagram, you’re likely seeing ads pop up all over for gua sha tools. Gua Sha uses an instrument-assisted press-stroking and scraping of the skin to intentionally create temporary markings called ‘sha’ which is meant to break down and release tissue, stagnant blood, and energy.


Combined with massage, cupping is a powerful all-encompassing acupressure treatment using cups with magnets intended to restore normal cellular vibration.

Longer Treatments

A standard 50-60 minute session is great…but what about doubling that? Indy Massage Company offers a three-hour MelmaSan massage, which is a slow meditative massage that combines aspects of Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. “It’s good for anyone who is looking for the therapeutic parts of deep tissue but the relaxation of Swedish massage,” Indy Massage Co-owner Alli Padrick says. 

Just for Men

Long gone is the stigma that spa treatments are for women only. Spas are seeing an uptick in services specifically created with men in mind such as customized facials to deep clean pores, tackle ingrown hairs, and soothe shaving irritations.

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