Fox59’s Lindy Thackston: What I’m Bringing to Style Swap

The Fox59 reporter shares what's she bringing to swap, her style icon, and the one item of clothing she'd save in a fire.
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Lindy Thackston is a local fashionista and morning anchor on Fox59.

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What will you be donating to Style Swap? What’s the story behind it and why are you parting ways with it? 

A Vince Camuto LBD (little black dress). I tend to wear A LOT of black when I’m not working. I want to add more color so I hope someone else can enjoy this dress!

If your closet were to catch fire and you could only save ONE item, what would it be & why?

My wedding dress. We got married in Key West by ourselves so it’s more of a white cocktail dress. It’s special to me and can be worn more than once. But now I’m starting to wonder if it’s smarter to save a nice bag…

Ever made a fashion faux pas that makes you cringe now? 

I thought on this one for a long time and can’t think of anything! I’ve always tended to just wear what I want and not worry what others think. Of course I’ve had countless times over 18 years where something definitely did not come across on-air how I thought it would. I have hair styles I regret for sure.

Who’s your style icon? (could be a real person, or a fictional character on a TV show or movie, etc.)

Probably Jennifer Aniston because she dresses low-key and in dark colors usually, but always looks cool.


Amanda Kingsbury is Co-founder and Contributing Editor of Indy Maven.

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