Meet Style Swap Stylist Laura Walters

The stylist behind Style Riot shares what's she bringing to swap, what trends she's excited about right now, and her runway song (we all have one, right?)
Runway Indy Maven

Laura Walters is a freelance stylist, fashion consultant, and owner of Style Riot. Meet her at Style Swap on Nov. 15 at the Indiana Design Center, where she’ll be offering free mini-stylist sessions to help you craft the perfect look.

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What she’s bringing to Style Swap: A pair (or two) of jeans, a cashmere Vince sweater, and some vintage goodies. “I recently moved into a new home, and vowed to donate any multiples I had. Needless to say, I have too much denim and way too many black cashmere sweaters.

Favorite fall/winter fashion trend?

I love the pink/red combo popping up on retail floors—it’s whimsical and unexpected for the holidays. Also, a good cape coat is an absolute Style Riot must-have.

Fashion trend you’d love to see return?

Could Hollywood glam from the ’30s and ’40s come back forever? And let’s not forget ’70s disco. Luckily, we are living in an exciting time for fashion. It seems anything goes—rocking a stunning 1930s vintage gown with a fitted black leather jacket and rainbow glitter shoes is not scoffed at, but celebrated. Have fun, wear what you love, and love yourself wearing it.

Heels or flats/sneakers?

Heels, girl. Always.

You’re strutting a major fashion runway. What’s your song?

How about the entire Led Zeppelin II album? That’s a long runway.

Amanda Kingsbury is Co-founder and Contributing Editor of Indy Maven. Her runway song would be the Gotan Project mix of “Whatever Lola Wants”.

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