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Find out what's in store for you in February with your horoscope reading from the Spellsisters.
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Welcome to Indy Maven’s monthly astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, better known around Indy as the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.

February 2022 OVERVIEW

Hey, quick question: Are you feeling exhausted by all this warp-speed change? Are you suffering the consequences of missed connections and misunderstandings? Just wondering. Because the hits keep coming—and brace yourself—the cosmos are going to keep throwing us curve balls well into the year. But even though it’s started off a little rocky, this year feels like a breath of fresh air. We’ve got a lot to look forward to starting this month! It’s safe to be more optimistic.

You can expect to see positive adjustments to financial wellness, self-expression in romantic relationships, and personal power. Let us breathe a collective sigh of relief. Now is the time to really start asking for what you want, asserting yourself, and being an advocate and ally for the things you know are right. Put your money where your mouth is, and show what you stand for.

Wrapping up the first Mercury retrograde of the year is the first order of business, as Mercury stations direct on the 3rd. This retrograde occurs in Capricorn and Aquarius, encouraging confidence and owning up to your mistakes (we all make them, especially during retrogrades!). Misfires and miscommunications are still bound to happen as Mercury shifts into alignment. Expect to rectify any misunderstandings that happened last month and revise the mistakes that were discovered.

Fittingly, February is bringing up a lot of Big Feels™ at the Full Moon in Leo set for the week of Valentine’s Day on February 16th. Inspiration is being met with action, finally, after such a long period of stagnation. Passionate revelations feed an urgency that may feel in stark contrast to the emotional detachment that Aquarius season promises. This month, you may notice that in one area of your life you are behaving super logically, while in another you are slightly off the rails. That overwhelmed feeling of needing things to change is not an illusion: It’s time to take action, but use your brain as much as your heart. Suddenly, you might have a new idea of where you’d like to see yourself in another year. Listen to those intuitive hits you get around this time and see where it takes you.

This month we have a long-awaited, “dramatique” Pluto return. Pluto takes about 248 years to complete its orbit, spending roughly 21 years in each sign. Since Pluto’s orbit takes so long, it typically defines a generation (for example, Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z, etc.), and it’s known for its ability to ignite revolutionary transformation—in a general sense, outdated systems of power are being dismantled right now.

This is important because Pluto is known for its ability to completely revolutionize and transform life. It gives us the tools to reassess what is, and then, equipped with new information, a new direction is required rather than just requested. What once was will no longer be, especially as far as oppressive systems are concerned. This might sound a little scary, but it’s not. Amid all the backsliding of retrogrades finally going direct and heaviness from outer planets, expect February to inspire a super-powerful transformation in your mundane life. You are beginning to become unrecognizable to your former self.

BIRTHDAY SPOTLIGHT: Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

At long last, it’s our time, bbs! You’ve been in a state that, for you, feels like hyper-suspension. These past few months have been slower, and at times, it may have been hard to step back and see the bigger picture, even when you know that things are clicking into place like clockwork. If you’ve had doubts that you’re heading in the right direction, squash them now, because this month is about to speed up your manifestation abilities and bring you some gifts that make it pretty difficult to deny that the universe is working in your favor. There are several auspicious astro moments working for you this month, supporting your hopes and dreams, and making what’s unrealistic float away. Mercury moved into Aquarius last month, and since the end of January, it’s been retrograding in your house of spirituality. You may not like communicating about your dreams and goals, anyway—I caught myself saying, “it’s hard to explain what doesn’t already exist,” and if you’ve ever heard a more Aquarius thing spoken, I’d like to hear it. You’ve got big ideas, and they don’t always make sense on the outside until you really put your nose to the grindstone and make them into a reality. All of the stagnancies of the past few months (or years?) are going to start melting away for you this month, and that will be apparent immediately. On February 1st, the new moon in our sign provides a special opportunity for clearer vision. It’s a blank slate on the already blank slate of a new year. Do something tiny every single day that supports your goals (and read “Atomic Habits” if you haven’t already). It wouldn’t matter if you completely jumped timelines, ditched your entire life, and threw away the key; that’s not sustainable for you. Instead, you’re making changes that can be long-lasting, and it feels real; you can see where it’s taking you and it’s boosting your confidence, your relationships, your skills, and your ability to be prosperous. As an Aquarius, you have to believe in your own vision and make sense of the details for you, and not anybody else. It’s going to be the little things this month that make you feel like it’s real.


Famous Aquarius: Megan Thee Stallion

Local Aquarius: Kelli Jenkins of Spellsisters Tarot | and Indy Maven CEO Leslie Bailey!



Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

February usually has you in a reflective mode, but this year you’re really taking stock of where your energy’s been going. The sun is currently hanging out in the sector of your chart that activates spirituality, and Mercury and Venus are currently retrograding. For you, dear Pisces, these two retrogrades are working together to require a natural sense of introspection and sleepiness. It’s almost as if the cosmos are working to make you extra sleepy, because you’re meant to be having visionary dreams now. You’re being forced to be slow, and although you’re naturally dreamy, this February is activating some more specific visions. Take inventory of your relationships. Suddenly, you might realize that something you’ve always wanted is no longer important to you; it’s no big deal, really. Although this might feel like a blow in the moment, know that the urges you’re getting right now are more like divine nudges. The new moon is giving you new insights about where you want your life to go and then the full moon later in the month highlights little areas in your life that can change to support your new goals. This month, be sure to tap into the deeper meaning of your dreams during waking hours.

Aries (March 21 – April 19):

You are realizing you are ready for more this month. After much work and pressure, you’ve grown in your ability to collaborate with others and have figured out how important it is for you to work as a team to get things accomplished. You may be building an empire slowly this month: putting pressure on the right people and tasks in order to get stuff done. Although the new moon in Aquarius on the 1st has you feeling inspired to start something for the collective, the full moon in Leo on the 16th immediately has you shutting down your fortress to preserve your strength. It’s a marathon, not a sprint: Don’t waste your energy trying to disseminate the news about a project that you’ve only just started planning. We know you want to grow more than you want to maintain, but beating personal records is less important this month than creating the right connections and learning to ask for help. You have the power within your grasp to secure a foundation for what you want to accomplish for the rest of the year: Take it.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You are not the person to mess with this month. While others are busy daydreaming about their next windfall and planning how their New Year’s resolutions are going to turn them into the perfect specimen, you’re out here being psycho-realistic, brutally honest, and steady as a surgeon’s hand. You are deadly serious about something you’ve decided to change and you’re not going to let anyone tell you that it can’t be done. With all the planets moving direct in compatible signs for the majority of February, you are attracting sudden luck that moves you in a new direction. With Pluto hitting your chart positively, this may be a physical or deeply personal transformation that you don’t feel ready for, but that you know is going to finally give you freedom. At the full moon on the 16th, you’re feeling personally attacked by expectations (a lot of them, your own perfectionism). Don’t let your own fears end up psyching you out.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Have you ever thought about moving on? This month has you suddenly questioning the stable ground your life is built on and considering what would happen if you just didn’t do it anymore. Like…seriously, would anyone even notice…could you just politely leave your life and quietly start over? With all the retrograde action materializing and shifting the narrative, you may be starting to wonder if you’re still the same person you were in 2021. The answer: You’re very different, but you may not realize how deep this runs until the full moon in Leo on February 16th when you receive an opportunity that changes everything you thought you wanted. This lunar influence is forcing you to move out of your comfort zone like a carrot on a stick. You might be thinking about long-distance travel, relocation, or leaving your job/relationship. It’s time to stop hesitating: Ships are safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You’ve stabilized amidst the post-holiday chaos, but February forces you again outside your beloved comfort zone. It’s not that you’re being asked to do more than you’re capable of, but you are definitely being stretched into new roles with new responsibilities this month. Although the new moon on the 1st activates your cosmic sector of transformation, you may be feeling like you’re missing the shell you crawled out of. Don’t backslide just yet—with patience comes confidence. Once all the retrograde planets begin to move directly by mid-month, you’ll notice a surge in forward motion on plans that may have been sitting dormant since November. Your vision of yourself isn’t totally accurate right now. Like Alice in Wonderland, you may find you “eat me”/”drink me” into a wild personal transformation that you’re only now realizing has made you outgrow your past expectations of yourself. At the full moon on February 16th, you’ll notice the changes that you’ve been making have led to new opportunities, as financial issues or career problems reach an explosive pressure point. Now is not the time to take risks, but you do need to boss up. By month’s end, Pluto’s influence will level some part of your life you’ve been clinging to in order to transition you into another.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Whoa, you’re all go-go-go. You’re expanding your horizons and getting itchy feet this month. It may be time to start planning a big trip or even think about going back to school. February shows you focusing on adding more projects to your roster–-ones that you find meaningful–-while spending less time on the ones that have started to burn you out. Your sign is known for its ability to stand on its own, but in the first week of February, you’ll feel the urge to share the spotlight and create a new venture (or relationship) with someone special. This month emphasizes your partnership sector, and new beginnings in relationships will have you focusing on what you can accomplish as a team if you start planting the right seeds now. At the full moon on February 16th, expect a gradual glow up to radically shift your self-esteem in the right direction. You may notice your own power as events outside your control at month’s end force you to take the lead and integrate all you’ve learned in 2021 about standing strong amid chaos.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

There’s a lot of pressure on you, but you’re up to the task and know how to keep your head down. This is not new territory for you, however; the stresses you encounter this month have you feeling focused and not overwhelmed. In fact, with emphasis on your cosmic sector of habits and routine, you may get a little hit of inspiration by having a long to-do list and find pleasure in minding the store. At the new moon on February 1st, you may start a daily practice that starts to become deeply woven into your life and could even set off a chain reaction. Suddenly you’re a “_____ person” <insert hobby here> and with Pluto’s heavy emphasis this month, you may feel unrecognizable to your former self. As the full moon waxes on February 16th, a huge drain on your energy reserves approaches, as subconscious trauma, insecurities, or background stress starts to become rapidly visible after remaining in the shadows. Whatever comes up at month’s end is trying to allow you to let go of what has already ended but which you still cling to. It’s time to loosen the ties that bind in your psyche and learn to soothe yourself with self-care and meditation.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

You need attention! You’re ruled by Venus so you thrive on connection and love the feeling of getting closer with someone. Meanwhile, Mother Venus has been retrograding and it has cast a pallor over your social life. You’ve about had enough of the slow life, but hold on. As everything starts to get back on its right course and planets go direct, the new moon highlights your house of romantic relationships and self-expression. It feels like you are about to emerge from a cave, and you literally can’t wait to be seen and felt. In addition, long-term goals are starting to make more sense, and you’re being given the tools to make things happen on a real timeline with actual steps that make sense. It may be that you’re literally being told how to do this, by a leader or partner or even a close friend. Take the advice. Later in the month, you could receive an opportunity to join a team or a group that inspires and ignites you to set your sights higher. You seem to be working toward something bigger than yourself. Maintaining your work-life balance is crucial, so your little routines and rituals of self-care are going to be super important moving forward.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Let’s be honest: This past month, you have been gripping a grudge. It may be toxic, but it’s true that you’ve felt a sense of vitality through the fact that there was someone else to blame for whatever you’re going through. But that’s retrograde speaking. It may be a rude awakening to get smacked back down to earth and realize that indulging in placing the blame elsewhere doesn’t actually give you anything at all. Once the smoke clears, you have to deal with the aftermath, and the grudge is likely deeper than one instance. Now it’s time to face it and actually accept your role in this situation. In the first few days of the month, Mercury goes direct and we have a new moon in Aquarius, bringing you some much-needed clarity. This clarity might come by way of a close and trusted connection who can always level with you. Lately, there have not been many who can without catching your ire. You’ve been smoldering for months, and now you suddenly step out of a fog, like, “Wait a minute. I did this.” Your confidante may seem like an unlikely person to team up with moving forward, but you respect them and they know when to call you out. Taking their advice is your best move. Self-awareness is your best medicine.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

For the past month or so, you’ve been a chrysalis in a cocoon. You’ve been slowing down to the point of becoming noticeably MIA. Meanwhile, you’re wrapping your ideas up like little babies incubated in a cozy blanket. You’re usually the “It Girl,” the central cog in the hubbub. That’s why everyone thinks you’re acting kinda strange; it’s super weird for them to not see you around all the time in a literal sequined gown, to hear your voice, and laugh at your jokes. But you feel way too serious to laugh and be seen right now. You’re working on something important, and maybe it’s bigger than anything you’ve ever worked on. Hint: the real project you’re working on is You. This incubation period and time spent alone has been vital, especially if denying yourself the extroversion was difficult to start. You began the year with an examination of habits that may not have you thriving–-you put yourself under a microscope, and suddenly your pores were huge. You need to know that they didn’t look that big to everyone else. Your reflection of yourself probably highlighted a bunch of non-vibey things you feel about yourself, and maybe you needed to switch up your perspective to get here. But don’t doubt that you haven’t dulled in your absence. To everyone else, you still look the same; you’re still glittery and magical, and people still want to be seen with you. This time was really needed because you have been wildly generating new ideas, and you needed time to let them percolate. You had to let yourself be protected by the universe to get that up close and personal. Now, when you emerge from your cocoon, you know how to do it. You’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

This month, something you’ve been putting a lot of thought into could finally see the light of day, and you’re more ready than you think to hit the ground running. Your eyes are trained on success and you’ve been priming yourself for a long time, whether you realized it or not. If you’ve got a promotion on your mind or a business idea you’ve been dreaming up, believe in your vision, and then ask for more. It’s not unusual for you to be so focused on your responsibilities, but right now, more than usual, you’re feeling the heat and it seems more important to be frugal than to achieve more wealth. You’re focused on building something this month, and things are coming into clearer focus as far as what’s important to you. During the second half of the month, what’s no longer supporting your goals in the bigger picture will boil up to the surface. This could be uncomfortable because it’ll require you to face those things head-on, especially when it comes to where you’re feeling insecure. The full moon this month will touch on intimacy and highlights those areas of discomfort, but don’t worry. You’ve got Venus and Mars teaming up in your sign around then, too, boosting your ability to communicate—especially when it comes to feelings. If there’s a security wound between you and the people you’re closest with, it’d be a great time to open that up and lay your cards out on the table. As long as you can be vulnerable and avoid blaming and defensiveness, they’ll be receptive and your message will be received.

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