Music Maven: Brandy Allen-Harveth

Music Mavens is a series where Indy Mavens dish on their love of music, what's on their playlists, local concert venues, and more.
Music Maven: Brandy Allen-Harveth

Our resident DJ Gabby Love is back with the latest installment of Music Maven featuring Brandy Allen-Harveth, owner of The Patron Saint.

How long have you been in the nightlife industry? 

I have been in the nightlife industry since I was 21, so 17 years. My first job was in catering at the age of 14 though, so I’ve been in the service industry 24 years. It’s literally all I know how to do.

What was your first concert? Favorite concert?

The first concert I can remember attending was Dolly Parton at the Indiana State Fair with my grandmother. I was hooked on Dolly and live music from that day forward. I slept in the t-shirt I got at the show nearly every night after. Favorite concert? No doubt about that one, I saw Prince at the United Center… I believe in 2012. The stage was the symbol and took up almost the entire floor. We sat second row so when he would perform on the side we were on, we were eye to eye with him. It was magical. He performed somewhere around seven encores, and I was content with thinking I would just live inside the United Center and listen to him perform for the rest of my life. 

What is your favorite local venue to see live music?

My favorite local venue to see live music… I feel like I can’t pick just one. If I’m seeing a DJ perform obviously my own, The Patron Saint. It’s small and intimate. The vibes on that dance floor can’t be matched.  If I’m seeing a band, I really enjoy the lawn at White River. It’s pretty convenient being right downtown, fairly easy to get in and out for a show, and the food selection with all the food trucks is amazing. Food options are very important.

Ruoff Music Center will always be Deer Creek to me, and I have definitely hit that age where I feel like I have to leave a show halfway through the headliner to “beat the crowd” to get out of that place or else I’m trapped there forever. I mean unless Prince was playing, of course.

What is your favorite aspect of putting on a live show/concert?

I am a partner in a concert promotion company that specializes in dance music: KID Presents. My favorite part of putting on a live show is the day of the show. From watching the stage and production go up, to sound check, to watching people get in line six hours before doors open so they can be by the stage, I love all of it.

We typically do shows at The Pavilion, and we get together as soon as doors open for every show and do a toast together for good luck on the show. That moment is actually my favorite part. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I wake up on a show day. It’s an experience for sure. 

What does music mean to you?

Music means everything to me. When I was planning my wedding everything seemed to happen very naturally. It all just fell into place. But the one thing I was obsessed over was the music. I mean OBSESSED. I worked on it almost every day it seemed like. Trying to find the perfect songs for walking down the aisle, first dance, etc. I think that alone sums up what music means to me. It’s very high on my list of important things. 

You can find my playlist on Spotify: Indy Maven Bad B**** Vol 1. In the words of Rob on the hit series High Fidelity on Hulu, don’t shuffle the playlist. It’s meant to be played in order beginning to end to tell a story. 

Gabby Love is a DJ, curator, and entertainer who has spun tunes for Michelle Obama and has a hot new radio show on Radio Now 100.9. Oh, and she’s Indy Maven’s very own Spinderella.

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