12 Local Women in the Music Industry You Should Follow Right Now

Get your groove on with these talented ladies.

If you’ve been stuck playing the same songs over and over again, this is your sign to branch out and listen to some new up-and-coming artists. Plus, you can brag to your friends that you found them first when they become the next big thing. 

Here are 12 local musicians that you should follow (and listen to) immediately.

Parris LaDame is a musician and rapper from Indianapolis. 

Her Handle: @ParrislaDame
A Quick Sample:

DJ Gabby Love is an on-air host and mixer on RadioNOW 100.9.

Her Handle: @djgabbylove
A Quick Sample:

Annie Skinner is the owner of Indy CD & Vinyl. She is also a DJ under the name DJ Annie Idol.

Her Handle: @INDY_ANNIE
A Quick Sample:


DJ Little Town is a local DJ who works with genres from disco to Baile Funk. 

A Quick Sample:


Bria Nachele is an up and coming DJ who goes by the name Space Bunz.

Her Handle: @brianachele

A Quick Sample:


Allison Victoria is a singer, songwriter, and musician. Her music ranges from hip-hop to jazz with everything in between. 

Her Handle: @allisonvictoriaaa
A Quick Sample:


Lisa Ess is an international techno DJ and producer who works under the name Noncompliant. She has played some of the biggest festivals and clubs in the world.

Her Handle: @_noncompliant_
A Quick Sample:


 Wife Patrol is an Indianapolis based female-fronted band. Their music combines elements of punk, pop, metal, and vocal harmonies.

Her Handle: @wifepatrol
A Quick Sample:


Radar Gold is a female fronted band that makes psych-pop music.

Her Handle: @radar_Gold
 A Quick Sample:


Sharlene is a multi-talented musician, singer, and audio/broadcast engineer.

Her Handle: @birdsongbrains
A Quick Sample:

Jules is an APD and on-air talent at Indy’s RadioNOW 100.9.

Her Handle: @radiothejules

A Quick Sample:


Karen Vaughn is the Director of Operations and on-air talent at Radio-One Indy. 

Her Handle: @karenvaughn
A Quick Sample:



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