Indy Maven Music Mondays with Radio Now 100.9: Tate McRae

Need some new music in your life? DJ Gabby Love has got you covered every week.
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Need some new music in your life? We’ve got you covered with our new feature, Music Mondays with DJ Gabby Love and RadioNOW 100.9!

DJ Gabby Love will be here every Monday to highlight women in music from international superstars to local she-roes. This week, Gabby is talking about 17-year-old singer-songwriter Tate McRae.

Watch her video below to hear more and tune in to RadioNOW 100.9 to hear DJ Gabby Love – you can catch her as your on-air host weeknights from 7 pm – midnight and waking you up in the morning with The Rush Mix at 8 am during Tino Cochino Radio.

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