SOUPtember in Indy

A roundup of some of our fave soups in the city.
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We made it to soup season, Mavens! Doesn’t it feel good? Warm and cozy and slurpy and soothing? We enjoyed smoothies and popsicles and salads and watermelon ’til we bled fruit juice. We overindulged, m’kay? Because such is summer. But now. Now we get to shift gears and come home to the coziest food on the planet. We get to layer our outfits and sip something spice-y (even pumpkin-y) in the morning. But then we GET TO SLURP SOUP.

It’s SOUPtember, friends. So we wanted to give you a list of some of our faves around town. Did we include a pho here and a stew there? Did we throw in a dash of chowder? We did. We aim for inclusivity in all things, and brothy bowls are no exception. Grab your spoons, and dig in.


Mama Carolla’s Italian Wedding Soup

Northside Kitchenette’s Creamy Portabella Mushroom Brandy Soup

Sahm’s Place’s New England Clam Chowder

Small Batch Soups (at the farmers market, but they also are a delivery service!) 

Union Jack’s White Bean Chicken Chili 


Thai District Restaurant’s Silver Noodles Soup


Illinois Street Food Emporium’s Vegetable Soup


Charleston’s Chicken tortilla soup 

Izkaya Japanese Bar & Grill’s Ramen

Kizuki Ramen 

Vivante’s French Onion Soup


Capital City Grill’s Caramelized French Onion Soup

Iozzo’s Garden of Italy’s Italian Wedding Soup

John’s Famous Stew – mild, medium or hot

Pearl Street Pizzeria & Pub’s Spicy Chicken & Gorgonzola Chicken Soup

Ralph’s Great Divide’s the Hot Pot Hog

St Joseph’s Brewery’s Chipotle Sweet Potato 

Shapiro’s Chicken Broth

Supito’s Tomato Soup and Corn Chowder


Chao Vietnamese Street Food’s Pho

Jinya Ramen Bar 


La Margarita’s Pozole Soup


Meridian Bar & Grill’s Smoked Corn Purée  

Cafe Patachou’s Tomato Artichoke and Matzah Ball Soup


Benyue’s Sour & Spicy Soup

George’s Neighborhood Grill’s Creamy Chicken Velvet Soup

Htaw Metta’s TomYum Soup

Oakley’s Bistro’s Soup of the Day

Ocean Prime’s Lobster Bisque  

St. Elmo’s Navy Bean Soup


La Hacienda’s Chicken Soup

Nha Hang Co Do King Wok’s Pho


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Maura Malloy is a writer, minimalist, TedX Talker, and Indy Maven’s Managing Editor.

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