Maven to Know: Lindsay Willard

The President of 10MoreSeconds, LLC, Lindsay Willard took a leap and left her corporate job to start her own fitness, personal training, and health coaching business.
Lindsay Willard

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Lindsay Willard
Lindsay Willard

Lindsay Willard, the President of 10MoreSeconds, LLC, doesn’t consider herself an ordinary “fitness person.” She’s fun, funny, and says she does everything in her power to make living a healthy lifestyle something that’s possible for everyone even people who are self-proclaimed haters of healthy food and exercise. Let’s hear from you now, Lindsay! 

My Maven Superpower is … Making up jokes. I’m a legend. My favorite one (and perfect for fall) is this: What do you call it when a man puts margarine on his testicles, and then accidentally closes them in a car door? Butternut Squash! (Cue roaring applause and vivacious laughter.)

A fun fact about me is … I have one of the best “embarrassing stories” you have ever heard. 

The best book I’ve read lately is … All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It’s been out for a while, I know, but hands down one of my favorites ever.

The skill I most want to learn is … Either ASL or Spanish.  

My first job was … A waitress at Ponderosa. I had to wear a bow tie with tacos on it. But they didn’t have tacos available, and I never understood. I was in high school. I always felt so shamed when a cute boy would come in and there I am in my TBT (Taco Bow Tie).  

Self-care habit I swear by is … OMG, the Hippie Stick by Jones Road. You can use it as a moisturizer, as a lip balm, and to smooth fly-aways and I’m obsessed. I’m also the most low-maintenance person the world has ever known, so this is my go-to tool for everything. And it smells like minty magic. 

Lindsay Willard
Lindsay Willard

My favorite non-profit to support is … The Fishers Youth Assistance Program. Over the summer, I hosted live Pilates classes in my home (we’ve converted the basement into my fitness studio), and 10% of all proceeds went to the Fishers YAP. 

The best career advice I can offer is … Embrace yourself exactly as you are. If you’re weird, be weird. If you’re quirky, be quirky. I cannot stress this enough, but the right people will find you. In my blog I curse a LOT and I’m definitely not for everyone. And it took a long time for me to be okay with that. But it’s so important not to lose who you are. Not everyone will appreciate you, but the right people WILL. And that’s where you’ll thrive. 

A purchase I’ve been loving lately isOkay, you know I’m going to say it: the Jones Road Hippie Stick. 

I feel most confident when … I’ve just worked out, and I’m sweaty and gross and disheveled and I smell terrible. It’s true. I don’t put a lot of time and effort into my beauty routine; I tend to feel my “beauty” and confidence from the inside. I think that’s why I’m so passionate about fitness and not in the aesthetic sense it can be a real mood booster and help ease stress and anxiety.

My favorite local restaurant dish is … Easy: The Carriage House Margarita at Livery, with a side of street corn (order it “off the cob” if you feel weird mouthifying corn out in public). 

The thing I’ve been binging lately is … Honestly I watch very little TV, but I do love podcasts. The Moth Radio Hour is one of my favorites. I listen while I walk our sweet little doggie Tilly. 

A Maven you should know is … Ty Spisak. She has her own marketing and communications company, and she’s got an amazing business sense. I seek her advice often (probably annoyingly often!). She’s also a stone-cold BABE, and one of the most wonderful and genuine friends EVER.  

What’s next for me is … Two exciting things! One, my next virtual online workout program begins on Monday, November 28th — because during the holidays, we’re SO stressed and we have SO much to do, and we rarely make time to take care of ourselves. This is five weeks of dedicated YOU time (because unless you’re feeling good both mentally + physically, you won’t be much good to anyone else).  

Two, my company is moving into the Corporate Wellness sector, which is really exciting for me. I’ve worked in Corporate Wellness for over 15 years, and bringing that knowledge and experience to local mid- to large-sized companies has been very exciting. We spend so much of our lives at work — what better platform to help people better their health and wellness than the workplace itself? 


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