Maven to Know: Patricia Pickett

The President and Founder of Pickett & Associates, Patricia Pickett is a woman in control of her own destiny.
Patricia Pickett MAVEN TO KNOW

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a headshot of Patricia Pickett
Patricia Pickett

Patricia Pickett says she has known that she wanted to be a writer since she could hold a pencil. Patricia spent 20 years as a reporter, editor, and publisher before making “the jump” to public relations in 2005, and she launched Pickett & Associates in July 2010 after being downsized from a marketing firm. As she tells it: “I was shit-canned on the Friday before the 4th; when the sun rose on Tuesday, I decided I never wanted to put my career in someone else’s control.” Today, Pickett & Associates serves 20 clients ranging from Hancock Health to Stephanie Grabow Style+. It’s your turn now, Patricia!

My Maven Superpower is … Writing/editing in someone else’s voice.

A fun fact about me is … I married my government teacher. (Disclaimer … I had been out of high school for 30 years, so it’s not as CREEPY as it sounds.)

a selfie of Patricia Pickett and Her Husband smiling with teeth
Patricia Pickett and her husband

Best book I’ve read lately is …City of Girls” by Elizabeth Gilbert.

My first job was as … A morning news anchor at WKDQ-FM/WSON-AM — Evansville market, located in scenic Henderson, KY. And I had to read the obits at 7:00 a.m. and noon on the AM station.

The skill I most want to learn is … Saying a firm, guilt-free “no.”

My favorite nonprofit to support is … Easterseals Crossroads (I was a recipient of physical therapy as a child and credit them with so much of my healing.)

Self-care habit I swear by is … My bedtime routine is melatonin cream for my feet and passionflower tea.

The best career advice I can offer is … Be in control of your own destiny, but be gracious and patient. The latter is the hard part.

a photo of Patricia Pickett and her Family sitting and smiling at a dinner table
Patricia Pickett and her family

Favorite purchase lately is … The long-awaited IKEA Sektion Pantry & Bar.

I feel most confident when … I have worked through and completed a lengthy “to-do” list.

My favorite local restaurant dish is … Lemon Shrimp Pasta at 9th Street Bistro.

The thing I’ve been binging lately is …The Good Fight.”

A Maven you should know is … So many Mavens, so little time … Jenny Lear, Stephanie Grabow, Carrie Petty, Lindsay Labas, and Beth Gehlhausen.

The thing I’ve achieved lately that I’d like to celebrate with the Maven community is … Pickett & Associates is celebrating 12 years in business!

My advice to anyone starting their own business is … Don’t start a “business” without a concept of how you are going to promote your product. We have had numerous small business clients who say they “don’t have the budget for marketing” … but it is a cost of doing business. So, if you don’t have the cash flow to handle it, perhaps you trade your services with a marketing professional (with a very clear contract of expectations!); maybe you dig in and do it yourself. There are a ton of resources, but it takes commitment and time. But you can’t look at your competition who’s spending $50K a year and get the same result by spending $5,000. Being an entrepreneur is rewarding, but hard. There are sacrifices … staying up late, starting early, being the “everything” person … if it were easy, everyone would start a business!

What’s next for me is … More PR &  marketing tools and resources from Pickett & Associates and more bylines from me personally.


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