THE LUME: To Gogh, or not to Gogh?

THE LUME Indianapolis is the much-talked-about new exhibit to open at Newfields. But is the Van Gogh worth your dough?
THE LUME Exhibit showcases Van Gogh's Starry Night

THE LUME Indianapolis has finally opened at Newfields. Much of the public is raving but critics are raging.

Following the organization’s tumultuous recent history, we’re curious to see how public reception plays out.

We stopped by the much-talked-about exhibit on media day to take a look…and truthfully, we were pretty delighted. Are there fair criticisms? Absolutely. Do we know a few toddlers whose minds will be blown by the experience? You betcha. Are we going back to the cafe to try a cocktail with blooming flower ice cubes? One hundred percent.

Will you be buying a ticket or is this take on Van Gogh a big no?

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts!


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For members: $20 adults and $13 ages 6-17. For the public: $25 adults and $17 ages 6-17. For children 5 and under, admission is free.

General admissions tickets to Newfields do not include The Lume. However, The Lume tickets do include general admission to Newfields.

4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis,

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