April 2024 Horoscopes With the Spellsisters

Learn what’s in the stars for you in April with your horoscope reading from the Spellsisters.
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Welcome to Indy Maven’s astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins, better known around Indy as one of the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


This time of year always feels a bit like a portal has been opened. Spring is springing, April is showering us, and the grass is once again green. It’s Aries season—the beginning of a new astrological year. Whether you’re feeling energized by the weather or the season’s astrology matters little. New life is breathed into everything.

Unless you’ve been completely unplugged and off the grid, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Total Solar Eclipse this month. On April 8, at 3:06 pm, those of us in Central Indiana will have the extremely rare ability to see the eclipse in totality. Of course, eclipses aren’t rare–there are eclipses several times a year. What makes this one rare is that we are directly in its path.

Also, this New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries is conjunct Chiron, an asteroid considered to be the wounded healer and the holder of our deepest pain. This pain often stems from buried memories from trauma or past lives. It’s also conjunct the North Node and Mercury, which will be retrograding.

These aspects will encourage a metaphorical cleansing that leads to deep healing. The conjunction with the North Node is pushing us to explore the unknown and look into new ways of being. The only way out is through, and what that means right now is to feel the pain we’ve been ignoring. Some of us are about to have an emotional breakdown, “lol,” but it’s honestly for the best. You can’t build a new house on the same shitty foundation as the last one.

This eclipse season is especially powerful, opening a portal of rapid transformation and activating and accelerating our potential for growth and change. Eclipses always bring hidden meaning and potential to the surface, establishing a motive for massive change. Whatever truths you’ve been hiding from are suddenly in plain sight and can no longer be ignored. In eclipse season, even your deepest desires become possible as the universe reveals the path and forces you to drop the rope on what doesn’t serve you anymore.

The last time an eclipse impacted us so strongly in the Midwest was in August of 2017. Think back to your life that summer. Consider how much you’ve changed. Was it intentional? Were you following a hunch? I was. I set out on a path to change my career in unexpected ways. I instinctively began to collect new tools and modalities to prioritize my wellness and hone my intuition. I released toxic relationships that were no longer empowering to me. It was like letting the wind carry a feather away.

This year, the eclipses dance along an Aries-Libra axis, spotlighting the dynamic between the self and the other. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, activates individuality, assertion, self-prioritization, and a hustler spirit. The vibe of Aries is self-assuredness, leadership, and motivation. Libra, on the other hand, prioritizes balance and harmony. How can we simultaneously place emphasis in our lives on our own personal advancement while ensuring reciprocity and equality?

Naturally, this eclipse axis shows us how to balance personal desires with relationships. Throughout the next few months, it could become more and more apparent how your relationships can support your goals or how you can build new relationships that support your needs and desires.

This is not just self-serving–taking the ego out of things is key. This is more about the cooperation between a drive for autonomy and supportive inclusion. It’s easy to see how you could begin to see ways that your personal success supports the greater good.

The bottom line is that this month’s Solar Eclipse inspires us to move on and let go of the things in our lives that aren’t working for us anymore. Solar Eclipses are known to bring unexpected, unpredictable change. Not only are things that don’t matter anymore falling away into memories, the things that do are coming into clearer focus.

BIRTHDAY ROYALTY <3 Aries Placements (March 21 – April 19):

You are blazing a new path, showing the rest of us how to be strong and push through the pain. Your ability to power through and remain charismatic is truly admirable this month, but at times, it feels like you have no idea what you’re doing or where you’re going. That’s what the rest of us feel like all the time! Your goal this month is to keep your head above water when it feels like you’re drowning. You are not required to be a beacon or carry the torch. You can just coast if you want to. It could be hard at times to figure out what’s leading your success and where your energy should go–you can’t tell what should become a goal or simply an idea. Not all ideas carry the same weight, and despite the fact that yours are usually good, they don’t all deserve to see the light of day. This doesn’t mean that your concerns or hunches are not valid. It just means that you cannot afford to make everything happen. You don’t have the energy, time, money, space, etc., to bring life to everything you want to see in the world. Keep sight of who you want to be and what you’re really trying to do in this life. Don’t let yourself burn out on the stuff that doesn’t even truly matter to you.

Tarotscopes | Strength: Acts of will are true displays of strength. Boundaries and No’s are little acts of will.

Local Aries: Mariah Barlow, April 8, Realtor & Broker at Great Dames & Co. Realtors

Famous Aries: Kourtney Kardashian, April 18


Taurus Placements (April 20 – May 20): 

Everything is illuminated for you this month, as this month’s Sun in Aries lights up your little habits and routines. The Sun is breathing new life into your tiny rituals, and the things you hold closest to the vest are being boosted. It feels like all the little things you always do to keep yourself feeling sane, motivated, and comfortable are truly starting to pay off. It’s a good time for you to prioritize comfort, listen to the messages of your dreams, and devote yourself to solitude. You hear your messages loudest when indulging in your little creature comforts, which is especially true this month. Your power is amplified the more you charge it.

Tarotscopes | The Sun: The little things light you up.

Gemini Placements (May 21 – June 20): 

This month, your house of friendships and partnerships is being activated, making your instinct to collaborate and support other people especially strong. You are naturally motivated by social situations, and this month, your desire to bond and grow relationships has the potential to lead you into situations that feed your soul. You might not even realize that you feel energized around others. You can be introverted and also reach your greatest potential when engaging with others. Your desire to express your beliefs and advocate for causes you care about could also be amplified. The best way for you to make an impact is to include others in your plans.

Tarotscopes | The Lovers: Choose balance and harmony. Hedonism doesn’t have to be “bad.” You can pursue pleasure and stay true to yourself.

Cancer Placements (June 21 – July 22):  

You might feel like you’re having a hard time reconciling what you must do to survive and make a living with what you’re passionate about and want to be doing. This month, you’re bending over backward to make yourself fit into situations that might feel too SMOL and not meant for you. Maybe you committed to your career when you were an entirely different person, or you took a job because you had to, and now you feel like a beautiful moth pinned under glass. It’s hard to say no when you’re getting something you want or need, especially when it’s under circumstances that don’t feel fair or authentic to you. You have more confidence this month and can determine which risks to take for the rewards you’re seeking. I say go for it.

Tarotscopes | The High Priestess: You’re feeling out which urges and instincts to follow; for some reason, they’re always the right ones.

Leo Placements (July 23 – August 22): 

You’ve got the itch. Everything is boring and adventure is calling. This month, you feel the pull to try something new or go somewhere you’ve never been. If you’re feeling magnetized to the pursuit of some sort of expansion (a vacation, some sort of knowledge, a new way of meditating, etc.), it’s because the sun is lighting up your house of curiosity and wanderlust. The walls of your comfort zone are starting to cave in and make you claustrophobic, which means it’s time to tiptoe out of it. Leave what’s comfortable and familiar to learn more about yourself and reignite your adventurousness.

Tarotscopes | The Chariot: You are meant to explore new things. You don’t need permission and can explore on your own terms.

Virgo Placements (August 23 – September 22): 

You are hereby empowered to cut ties with people and situations that leave you feeling drained. I’m giving you permission. It doesn’t matter who it is or how long you’ve been connected; if someone makes you feel exhausted, you can simply disengage–and you don’t have to entirely cut people out of your life to move on from them. You don’t have to quit your job for it to stop controlling your life. This month, your mental health is the priority, and what’s tiresome and unreciprocated needs to be dethroned. If you’re not getting back what you invest, you need to reconsider the weight you allow it to have in your life. You might feel disappointed and it’s sad sometimes to let things go, but by doing so, you redirect the energy and give yourself a fresh start.

Tarotscopes | Death: If you stop watering the dead plant, you have a pot free for a new one.

Libra Placements (September 23 – October 22): 

You’re an expert at making your opinions sound chill enough to go either way. It can seem like you’re a fence-sitter, down with whatever, with no true passions. It’s probably not true–surely there is something you care enough about to get fired up. The people who know you best know what you’re passionate about, and this tendency to dull your stance is likely frustrating to them. These people may seem to want to get a rise out of you this month, pushing on the points that are sure to inspire a reaction from you. It’s safe to assume that nobody wants to start a fight. They just want you to care. They want you to respond and stand your ground. If they’re used to pushing you over, they might not like it when you stop editing yourself, but they don’t need your diplomacy.

Tarotscopes | The Hanged Man: If you never get off the fence, you’ll always be waiting in limbo.

Scorpio Placements (October 23 – November 21):

This month is causing you to reconsider your routines and habits, most likely because you can’t keep going the way you have. If you’ve been ignoring your responsibilities and routines, they will rear their heads this month, and never give up until you face them. You don’t need an excuse or permission to rehaul your system’s structure and the things that keep you organized. This month is meant to show you the stark contrast between staying afloat and drifting–there is a difference between coasting and trying not to drown. You have the power to cut out the things that waste your time and make you feel drained.

Tarotscopes | Temperance: Moderation is a virtue. You’ve been pretending you didn’t know this.

Sagittarius Placements (November 22 – December 21): 

Obstacles in the path to rest and relaxation are smaller than they appear. You’re meant to enjoy your life and don’t have to feel bad about prioritizing fun. You know that when you neglect your sense of adventure, eventually, it bubbles over into impulsiveness, sometimes even with a touch of irresponsibility. If you find it easier to deny yourself small pleasures every day, remember how days pile up on top of each other. Giving yourself permission to be happy is essential to staying disciplined enough to be assertive when it’s time. Give yourself a break. You won’t forget how to be a powerhouse if you grant yourself pleasure. You are not a workhorse—you’re a Sagittarius.

Tarotscopes | The Star: Let yourself have things to look forward to. You won’t forget how to work if you take time off.

Capricorn Placements (December 22 – January 19): 

The pot that’s been long-stirred is starting to bubble over and spill secrets. You’ve been licking a wound and tending to some hurt for months, or maybe even years, and now you see that the thing you thought you were angry about wasn’t even the true source of your pain. This month, you’re being asked to look deeper within. How long have you been holding onto pain like this, and why? Where does this truly come from? Chances are you’re doctoring a wound that goes back ages, maybe even spanning lifetimes. You are placing the blame in the wrong hands, and it’s time to admit that you’re poisoning yourself. Find out what’s really wrong and work to resolve it. It probably doesn’t have anything to do with what you’ve been blaming.

Tarotscopes | The Devil: This isn’t about just one thing. It’s a bundle of things that all take root in something you’re addicted to feeding in yourself.

Aquarius Placements (January 20 – February 18): 

Things don’t always have to be polarizing for them to be meaningful. It can either be productive to engage in the conversation, or it can be exhausting. This month, there is very little middle ground. You don’t always have to be tuned in and participate in the things that feel important to you for the needle to move forward. Things are not going to fall apart without you or your engagement. You are allowed to log off, take breaks, and give yourself space to care about something else. Choose your battles and have the strength to lay down the sword once in a while.

Tarotscopes | The Moon: You don’t have to make sense of everything to rationalize it. Some things make sense without any reason.

Pisces Placements (February 19 – March 20): 

Challenge yourself to separate your value from your financial well-being. Some people have not a care in the world when it comes to money, but they’re miserable, and some happy people don’t have a penny to pinch. This month, your mindset about assets and their worth could face an overhaul. Unexpected expenses could come up, but money mistakes don’t have anything to do with your validity as a person. You are at the precipice of a big change here–you’re being compelled to consider your feelings about the flow of resources, financial or otherwise. You are learning that very few things actually have an equal exchange rate; you do not have to work hard to deserve rest.

Tarotscopes | The Tower: Your old belief systems about worthiness are crumbling.


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